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Tulpas and Music
I seem to be singing a lot to my tulpa.
Like, all day long.
I'm getting lots of songs on my mp3 so it isn't singing-in-public-to-nobody-strange-like.

What are your experiences with this?

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I used to lip-sync along with songs and Jason would play the instrument(s). It could be pretty fun.
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I'm listening to music with Q now, funny enough.

I tend to force with music from a specific playlist we both like playing quietly. Makes silence less awkward and gives us something to think about, I suppose.

I've had a few unfortunate experiences where in listening to music with him and I'm listening through earbuds. He can hear it, and so can I, but nobody else. One specific time I got too into it and accidentally asked my friend next to me if she liked this song. Thankfully, she knows about Q and we could laugh it off.

There have been other situations like this, too. Holding the door for him, accidentally talking out loud, and even laughing at comments or jokes he's made (this happened at a funeral once...). I can usually pass it off as a moment where I just drifted off into my own thoughts, but people still give me wierd looks.
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Try having your tupper sing to you. You may be surprised.
Or at the very least, have something to poke fun at them for.
I've heard of people using music as a meditational aid to be able to slip into a trance-like state easier. I've personally found it to be distracting, though I hope I'll be able to listen to music with my tulpa someday.

Also, not music related, but there's always binaural beats and the like. Considered trying them but those sound like they'd do more placebo work than anything else.
Music is an integral part of my interaction with Sophia. It creates a point of reference, something to grab on to in the infinity in my mind. Without music I occasionally get lost in that silence.

The more I listen, the more I'm beginning to attach emotions and experiences to specific parts of specific songs. Tulpamancing and image-streaming has definitely enhanced these feelings, turning the average listening experience into a full contact sport, so to speak.

If you're into it, I recommend forcing to classical music. Listening to a full symphony can be quite productive, especially when the music explores a theme deeply. As a soloist reworks such a theme into something new, I find I can search an emotion or experience for a more profound meaning throughout the course of the symphony.
I listen to my iPod every time I go out alone, have done for years. Now that I have tulpas I may select music that I know they like sometimes as a treat. We've all sung along together on occasion, and now that Melody has started playing the lyre I keep finding she strums it along with some of the simpler tunes I play, which us really sweet.
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I haven't been at this very long, but the first really strong interaction with my Tulpa was dancing with her to a cut from the 2014 Crossroads Guitar Festival (Landreth & Clapton on "Congo Square"). It was rare good fun! I had the strong sense that she was smiling and chuckling, although she doesn't talk as yet and I didn't "hear" the laughter.
I play guitar sometimes. I'm sure Ellie loves to hear me play. [Yes I do.]

Also, that was the first time I posted anything she said. I can't believe we've finally gotten this far!
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