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Tulpas and Tulpa-like Things in the Media
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(08-26-2018, 01:36 AM)EdgeLordMaximus Wrote:
In Dexter, he talks to his deceased dad all the time, full well knowing he's dead. Actually when I was at the very start of making my tulpa, I got to that part in Dexter, and thought it was amusing that the protagonist from the show I was binging and I were both talking to tulpa like entities.

Spoilers up to season 6

I don't think that those hallucinations in Dexter are anything close to tulpas. They are some sort of manifestation of the "host's" internal darkness. Harry appeared as both a motivator for Dexter and to keep him in line with following the code, while Rudy appeared when Dexter wasn't caring about the code and just doing whatever he wanted. The hallucination of the professor for the DDK was a manifestation of DDK's need to kill for god or whatever. Now, I don't entirely think these are hallucinations, considering they seem to have information and insight that the host does not have. Rather, I think there's probably something metaphysical going on, some sort of demon or something. Especially since there's really not much evidence of anything like Schizophrenia or DID in these people other than those hallucinations.

In the show, Dexter refers to the Dark Passenger as like a metaphor for his dark urges, however in the books the Dark Passenger is an actual entity. I think this Dark Passenger is a little more tulpa-like, as he talks to Dexter inside his own head and fronts/co-fronts/blends. He's a bit like an internal companion, in a twisted way... However I think it's sort of revealed that he's actually a demon thing.

I think it's a stretch for so many people to say that these things are tulpas, especially when we're talking about the dark urges of a serial killer, but I can understand the appear of wanting to project one's experiences onto characters. Just... not murderous characters, lol.
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I don't think it's said here before, but I'm thinking Ollie has a tulpa named Margareth in the game We Happy Few.

When you meet Ollie for the first time in the game as Arthur, he is shown to just have a conversation with "thin air" at random times.
In the late game, when you get to play as Ollie, you get to see Ollie talking to her, but only Ollie can see her. Besides that, Margareth seems to think on her own accord a lot, and the way Ollie interacts with Margareth gives the impression that he knows he isn't talking to a physically real or living human.

The backstory of Margareth is pretty dark. Whenever you get into a conversation with Margareth, you get to see that the Margareth Ollie talks to looks child-like, and that Ollie considers the Margareth he's speaking with to be his daughter. There's also a photo of a real-life Margareth where Ollie lives in the game. Inspecting it as Arthur makes him mention the girl on the photo got missing. Doing that as Ollie makes him say that he does know the Margareth on the picture is not currently alive. It sounds an awful lot like Ollie made something akin to a tulpa of his daughter in his head because he wanted her back after she disappeared.
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