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Tulpa Community Census 2018

Poll: How easy is it for your tulpa to change forms at will?
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It is very easy. My tulpa can do it anytime they want with no problems, and feels just fine doing so.
17 42.50%
It is moderately easy, my tulpa can do it, but it would take us a certain while to accommodate to the changes.
11 27.50%
It's inbetween hard and easy; my tulpa can do it, but not for too long, else they'll feel pretty weird outside of their base form.
7 17.50%
It is quite hard, my tulpa can not change forms and maintain them consistently.
3 7.50%
It is impossible for my tulpa to change forms in an adequate manner.
2 5.00%
Total 40 vote(s) 100%
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Tulpas changing forms.
Raven Rawne Offline

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RE: Tulpas changing forms.

Reina went through about... 5 or so makeovers of her form. She started with a placeholder I gave her, something to have till she makes her own decisions. She grew out of it rather quickly, and in a few weks she altered it into a form that suited her. After another few weeks, she grew tired of being smaller than me (the form was a pony, about Doberaman dog in size) and switched her form to anthro mode, which she enjoyed for a month or so. Unfortunately, I had issues visualising some finer details of it, along with the insane amount of clothing she changed several times per day (good thing she never bothered with "boring" stuff like actually going to a wardrobe, she just clicked her fingers and "magically" got a new getup every time she wanted), so Reina decided to try something new, and adopted a look of Raven from the Teen Titans cartoon. However, it made her feel differently and she didn't like it, which led to a human form of her own design. Since it shared all the pros and cons of that anthro form she had earlier, but to her, it felt much more like her own achevement than altering some base I gave her, she experimented with it for quite some time, I recall. At some point thugh, she felt burned out from all the changes and fine details, and... picked a form of a... basiacally a plant: lots of tangled, thorny branches arranged in a bush, with a huge, blood red rose on top of it. The plant was in a gloomy forest of sorts, with a single beam of light aimed at the flower. She has a thing for roses, you see. I recall she was rather bitter about forms at that time, and very condescending even by her own snarky standards but, eventually, she went past that phase and, oddly enough, switched back to her first self made form - a pony. Nowadays she's cool with it, thankfully, but I would be fine with any form of her choosing as long as I could visualise it, really.
02-17-2018, 10:49 AM
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suhail Al ketbi Offline

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RE: Tulpas changing forms.

In astral projection my tulpa has became the same look but black hair & eyes .
I think because I practice writing short stories in twitter & used the original photo of arab singer without change him to yanus real appearance which was blue eyes and reddish hair .

Love & light
02-20-2018, 08:31 AM
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