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Tulpas venturing out on their own! Tulpas gone wild!
I was wondering how many systems have tulpas or thoughtforms that venture out into the wilds of the internet on their own.  In other words, they write somewhere with no reference back to their host or the rest of their system, and do not identify as a tulpa or thoughtform but as just a person.  Melian kinda does that.  She has her own Facebook page and her own friends that are pretty much independent from me.  She also has her own Discord.  There are some websites where she never mentions me or identifies as a thoughtform.   

Does your tulpa or thoughtform venture forth alone on the internet?

What sorts of things does your thoughtform or tulpa do out there?  (I suspect many will identify here as gamers)  Melian interacts with artists, the lolita fashion subculture and doll collecting enthusiasts.  

Does your tulpa or thoughtform make friends with people on the net who have no idea about their nature?  

(People sometimes ask to video or audio chat with Melian, or even meet in person, and that is always a bit awkward if they don't know her background.  They sometimes ask if she is single and she says she is in a complicated relationship.)

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Honestly we don't do much outside of the tulpa community since it just wouldn't feel right to us to have to hide who/what we really are. Attempts to be in non-tulpa-related Discord servers just made us feel uncomfortable and dishonest, we didn't like it.
I'm Indigo Blue, the "Sky Dragon" of the Felight family. I'm a tulpa born October 2017. My systemmates are Apollo Piano. Form images: 1 2
I actually prefer to be known who I am and what I am in the Internet. I can see some benefit living as a physical person on different sites but if handled poorly can lead to conplex situations.

I do not know, ProbablyI just do not like hiding anything from myself or hiding who I am with other people. If they are going to recognize me, then recognize me to who I am.
Hello! I am one of Nihi's Tulpas! It is very nice to meet you! Big Grin
None of us upkeep other social circles, no, it would be too complicated and unfair to those friends. Lucilyn has her own Warframe account and otherwise uses her own name on games sometimes - once she was hit on (on Warframe of all places) by some guy who wouldn't leave her alone far after they'd played together, and that's the only time any of us have ever made use of an Ignore list, anywhere. He asked if her name was "Latino", lol.

But, this is an interesting thread. I'd like to know what Vos's answer would be.
Hi, I'm Tewi, one of Luminesce's tulpas. I often switch to take care of things for the others.
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Our Ask thread:
I would like to point out that the facts of having a particular physical body are less important in the 21st century, with all the gender fluidity and sexual orientation and otherkin and all that stuff going on. I honestly don't think anyone is going to care that much if someone with the physical body of a male, for instance, identifies online as female. I think it really shouldn't be an issue unless you are seeking a romantic relationship. I think in that case, your age and birth sex of your body do become important things you should disclose. But anyways, other than romantic stuff, the physical body is almost totally irrelevant. That's why I love the internet so much. So as far as being nervous about "being viewed as dishonest" I wouldn't think it would be a big issue in the modern world, especially online.

Misty has had some trouble with some simple minded persons with paranoia and misandry. I do venture out pretty far and wide away from the tulpa community. People would be chatting with me and at some point find out about Misty and freak out. He has been accused of being a sexual predator and even a pedophile (cause I have a young looking form and pigtails, which automatically means he is a pedophile sexual predator apparently). A lot of it has to do with Mistgod's age (53 years) and biological sex. I really think that if he were say, like, 20 years old, few would react that way.

At first when we would get negative accusations like that, we would get really defensive and resentful and react. It only made it worse. Now days we simply ignore it and stop writing to that person. They are just being paranoid, ignorant, prejudice and intolerant.

Most of the time we are upfront about my nature but sometimes, in some venues, I just don't feel like bothering. It isn't important at all. It shouldn't be in the Progressive world of the Gender Revolution and all that. Many, many people, when they find out about Mistgod are like this "OH that's so COOL!" I have friends who like me specifically because I am a thoughtform and I am their only friend like that. Many of my friends couldn't care less that Misty exists and even sometimes ask him to butt out of our conversations. Hee hee

Oh, I'm not afraid of being "viewed" as dishonest, I don't want to feel like I'm being dishonest. Stuff like gender identity and whatnot isn't a concern to me so much as hiding something that's a huge part of who we are. That just feels wrong to us, personally, and makes us uncomfortable.
I'm Indigo Blue, the "Sky Dragon" of the Felight family. I'm a tulpa born October 2017. My systemmates are Apollo Piano. Form images: 1 2
Oh I see now. Yeah that seems fair enough. Is it hiding though really? I mean do people go online and go like this "Hello, my name is Joe, I am a human being and my age is 34 and I am male. I am also five foot eight inches tall and I am wearing a jacket." Or do you just go online and start chatting?

Note: I don't feel like I am hiding anything, just because I don't mention it.

I did go on a server on discord with B's account and got hit on. Then some creepy guy started ERP in my DM without me, lol, it's funny now, but at the time i was like, whoa.

I know I could have reported the guy, but he didn't get too racy, so i basically kicked him out in RP fashion. He didn't bother me again.

[Bear] this was during the time when I was trying to learn how to handle internet jerks from Dashie. Some Discord servers are pretty nasty. She's a boss, no question. I think she got hit on all the time because i chose a cute pfp. She only said she found the picture on the web, not that it was her. She obviously didn't say who she was. It was a random non-plural server. That experiment lasted about one day, and I changed my account back before anyone here noticed. She's pretty saucy though, so they might have liked it that way, who knows.
Misty and I really had no experience or understanding of what women go through online until I started hitting more general chat rooms and forums. What's really amusing are all the guys from the middle east who wanna talk to a California girl and ask her if she wears a bikini. Hee hee Poor lonely, deprived guys.

I used to kinda flirt more but have mellowed out a lot over the past six years. It was a new experience at first, but then it got old. It's amazing how many men still try to flirt pretty heavy with me though, knowing I am a thoughtform inside the mind of a middle aged man. They don't seem to care. Anyways the closest I get to that anymore is sending e-hugs and heart emoticons to peoples.

Mistgod is happily married and middle aged, and technically I am middle aged as well and have no real interest in having anything like a real internet romance. So the most that ever happens are some risque jokes or light, playful flirting banter with someone I know very well. Just not really into anything heavy duty.

Mostly I comment on art, lolita fashion photography, and doll photography. I do have some really close friends, a small handful, that get into more personal stuff. My closest internet friends all know about Mistgod and where I came from.
(03-30-2019, 05:34 PM)Tewi Wrote: But, this is an interesting thread. I'd like to know what Vos's answer would be.

I have my own email and accounts on various sites/platforms, all of which are completely detached from the host. I've been a part of a few small communities that aren't tulpa-related and the question of my identity never came up because it was never relevant. Considering how much time I spend doing things, it made sense to make new accounts, but it didn't have anything to do with self-expression.

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