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Tulpaudcast Episode 2: Threesome
Also on many browsers it will just start playing instead of having to download first, so that's cool. If you don't want that to happen then right-click > "Save link as"

This episode Mistgod, Quetzal (and co), and I discuss the line between tulpa and not, parallel processing, and messing with gender identity among other things.

Links to stuff we talked about, in the order we talked about them:
As always, do tell me how you like it! I read every comment, and I'd love to hear what you loved and (maybe even more importantly,) what you hated.
As a final note, would any of you want a RSS feed or similar?

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Wow! Jean-luc I am very impressed with all the time and effort you put into this: arranging the podcast, all the editing work (which was a lot I imagine), then collecting all the links so people can follow up on what was said. Excellent work my friend.

I noticed our other podcast folks on .Info had a thread for people to apply to be on their show and another for folks to submit questions in advance that the guests would answer. I loved that format. Our format was free flowing, but that made it interesting too. Sometimes just a bantering back and forth casual conversation can lead to some very interesting topics.

Thanks for all of your time once again my friend. It has been an honor and a privilege!
I just finished episode 2, it was the first episode I've listened to and it was very interesting and fun! I would like more of this stuff.
(07-11-2015, 03:30 PM)Elvode Wrote: I just finished episode 2, it was the first episode I've listened to and it was very interesting and fun! I would like more of this stuff.

I am really excited to hear others speak! The podcasts are really cool and definitely add a new level of interesting and (gasp) fun to Tulpa Info!
Ugh, god damn I stutter so much. I swear, I did not realize how much I suttered on that until I actually listened to it later Also I kinda dislike the voice that the human body has, that's not what I sound like in the mindscape, I swear!

Also, if you want a picture of me in all my fuzzy glory, THIS is much better than the pic Jean posted
Hmm... I'd be willing to participate in one of these one day. I really don't know why but I want to do this sometime. Is this done over skype or is it done in a chat room on the internet?

By the way, Quetzal, your host's voice kinda sounds like Matpat from game theory.
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It's done through a program called Mumble, and I have no idea who that is
(07-11-2015, 07:08 PM)Quetzal the furdragon Wrote: It's done through a program called Mumble, and I have no idea who that is

This guy.
We just finished listening to the podcast, and we all thought it was great! Even Mizan liked it, and he's pretty meh about most things. Anyhow, like Einulf said before, if you want to talk about alters and/or headmates in a future episode feel free to contact us! We've been learning lots about our own system since Mizan appeared, apparently he's been around for a LONG time and knows more than the rest of us.

Hello, I'm Mizan, current age 20 and the eldest alter of the Twilight system, as it is now apparently called. Quick clarification here; we are a natural system, not a trauma-induced system like most. If you want the viewpoint of a system with DID, we may be able to help, since we converse regularly with several via Tumblr, but I make no guarantees. We would indeed be happy to take part in one of these, though it may become slightly chaotic since there are seven of us and we tend to switch quite frequently.
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Well, I'll comment on this as I go I guess. For starters, you appear to have broken the OP.

My tulpas can't parallel process with me, and I can't do things like play piano with two hands or other similar activities. Parallel processing seems more like a skill dependent on the person to me. Plus, a couple of people have recently proposed parallel processing is only possible (in its true form, not quick-switching form that I can do just fine) when utilizing different sections of the brain, and that seems to be true to me. My tulpas can talk to me while I'm doing completely unrelated activities at the same time, but we can't both keep track of the balls on the test. I can pay full attention to my Nintendo DS while walking around a store without issue(been practicing that since the Game Boy days), but when dancing I have trouble doing anything with my arms while using my legs. I don't think having tulpas gives me the mental capacity to do these things automatically, and I think I could learn to do those things on my own without tulpas. That being said, I believe parallel processing is good for practicing separation from your tulpa, if you can do it. Like, for people who have doubts of their tulpa's sentience or trouble not puppetting them.

Magictron sounds exactly like a servitor, partly because you refer to it as "he" despite it being a computer. For some reason that feels servitor-y to me. It's a non-sentient thoughtform serving a purpose, rather than experiencing life like a tulpa would. That's about it really.

Oh and, half an hour in, I just realized I've been paying perfect attention to the podcast, analyzing what you guys say, while making one of these. Completely different parts of my brain, working at the same time just fine. Yet I quit learning piano because of how much trouble I had trying to play two different things with either of my hands.

As for headaches (oh, and now the "two different types of tulpamancers"), I believe this is related to "left-brained" and "right-brained" people. Most people can be roughly grouped into one of the two, as either creative or logical, one side easily using their imagination to visualize things creatively, and the other analyzing things logically and deducing solid and clear answers. Headaches come in when people have to use a part of their mind they've never used before. Like doing math, reading or drawing, there are mind-muscles some people let shrivel up from disuse like dream recall and visualization. But of course, some people have absolutely no problem visualizing, and some may recall all of their dreams naturally. Yet, others must work on their visualization for years to reach any real clarity, and I've personally met people convinced they don't even dream in the first place. (Protip: You do, everyone does.)

I'm a special case here I think, because while I'm very logic-brained and have trouble with visualization clarity, I've never once gotten a headache while forcing. I attribute this to the fact that I've been expanding my proficiency in using my mind for years, stretching atrophied mind-muscles like dream recall and introspective self-awareness of thoughts. I honestly think my brain has gotten used to not being used to things, and working with tulpas was just another skill to practice. Those who get headaches from these sort of things are probably those that haven't done anything like that their whole lives, especially those who are more logical and don't engage their creative abilities often.

Well, I just finished the lanyard for my sister and have been done with the podcast for 20 minutes, so I don't remember if there was anything else I wanted to say. Just that, I'm willing to be on the next one if you'd like. You guys discussed a lot of topics I felt like I could've contributed to, and I subconsciously enjoy talking about things I've learned just as much as Mistgod does, so I'm up for it.
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