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Very little progress, don't know what else to do?
(04-24-2014, 04:51 PM)CH666 Wrote: King of Vandenreich's prism method...maybe it will work for you, Search it.
You have to puppet her like she would act once she is sentient. You will know it has become a habit when it responds to you without any concious or deliberate effort.

Thanks the prism method would work well I think.

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Puppeting is kinda useful and kinda detrimental, and the point where that happens is anyone's guess. My deal with puppeting was that I was afraid I was doing it and I asked my tulpa, Fes, if I was still doing it. Every now and then, I do it as a joke.

"Am I puppeting you?"
I don't know, are you?
"I don't know, am I?"
repeat ad nauseam

I would do it so often that eventually I got sick of asking and just said I wasn't. That was literally the only thing I did to get rid of it and it worked. The prism method was nice, but I'm always used to mentally juggling three tasks at a time, and the concentration of quitting everything to see what it was that I could do all at once with this specific activity meant that I was stressing over the smaller details and I eventually felt like I was just puppeting the entire scene all at once. I just asked her and she got me so angry ont he issue with the back and forth that eventually I was sure that I wasn't.

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