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[Visualization] Agressive deviation
First off this isn't so much a question as it is something I felt like sharing because it might make for interesting conversation. Suffice to say strange things happened last time I forced.

Last forcing session my tulpa started a period of extreme deviation, going from cute anime girl to a necromorph to some guy with glasses, problem being that no matter how hard I tried I couldn't force her back into her original form (which occasionally can be quite vivid by my standards), problems with deviation had been happening long before in a small scale but I always chalked it up too me having a shit imagination/concentration (still do) or just intrusive thought.

Any thoughts? (mainly how do I get her to stop or cut back?)

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It sounds to me like she didn't care for the form she had before, and decided to change it. Your best bet would be to help her find a form you both like. She could also be doing that to show you that she has achieved sentience.
Either what Einulf said, or it could be intrusive thoughts. I'm not sure that trying to force her back would be helpful, especially if she is experimenting with her own form.

Can you try to ask her if she is purposely changing her form? You might get some response, even if it's not verbal. [I would think most of us would avoid changing into forms that we know our hosts dislike, but maybe that's just me]
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Yea I think it's a bit of both. We can sort of communicate via head-pressure but I sometimes don't get a response. I'll see if I can get a concrete answer once she develops a bit further.

Also it might be worth mentioning that:
Beforehand and quite often I've had trouble with smaller deviation, changes in hair style ect whereas at the start of every session she usually looks like the same anime character. Clothes are always the same though.
I have changed hugely since I first started, often depending on my mood - how confident I felt. So, yeah, tulpas will change. With me I change species but everything else remains the same. (Except the hair, my hair is white now for reasons.)

(07-10-2014, 04:52 AM)Iris MacKenzie Wrote: Oh? Care to share, Nobillis?
When I became a christian my hair turned white. It was literally a transforming experience. Now, my hair colour is fixed, whereas before I could vary it.
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Oh? Care to share, Nobillis?

As for forms deviating, that's pretty normal. It's possible that she's trying to choose another form. You said she took on several different forms. Maybe she's testing them out, kind of like trying on clothes at the store to see if they fit. From the sound of it, I'd guess she's not satisfied with her current form. Just a guess. The best way to know for sure is to ask her.

If you want her to stop, try asking her to. Many tulpas can understand speech before they learn to talk.

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