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[Visualization] Amazing clarity visualization!
ive auditory hallucinated Silvers voice (perfectly clear sound and everything) at night. The problem is i go back to sleep and forget what she said..
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This guide sounds like Lucid Mode, hypnogogia, and Perfect Visualization mode.

For more than three people to independently come up with this idea is telling. I'll make sure to do this.
Awwwww snap! You're touching on some interesting shit right here. I forget the exact [Cracked] article I read, but it talks about this. When humans are left to their own devices, or exist before the invention of the light bulb, they tend to sleep for about 4 hours then wake up in the middle of the night for about an hour and go back to sleep. Any actual light ruins this sleep and wakes the person up fully, so before the light bulb, people would follow this kind of cycle. Famous people throughout history have commented on this as being the best time to think, write and have sex. And certain cultures in Africa, with no lights (stereotypical? Yes. Typical? No.) revert back to this cycle to this day.

My point is, if you can do this without waking yourself up with light (of any kind, it must be pitch black), this should work stupidly well!

I'm not citing my sources. I don't care if you believe me. Citing sources is for postmodernists. The Cracked article has the studies related and whatnot.
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Basically the same thing, except it is more sophisticated and entails gaining the ability to go to do this at will, as in not just after such and such amount of sleep.

(03-20-2013, 02:19 AM)Lacquer Wrote: This guide sounds like Lucid Mode, hypnogogia, and Perfect Visualization mode.

For more than three people to independently come up with this idea is telling. I'll make sure to do this.

And these too; I forgot about them, except for hypnogogia, which I thought of as a given.
This is almost the same procedure as doing a WILD. Either way it should be pretty effective.

I've heard warnings about dream states and tulpas but that's something I've heard from others, i personally have yet to experience any problems related to it.
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I wouldn't necessarily call this fool-proof. To me it just seems like a way to get sleepy, and forcing while you are tired generally helps people.

On the other hand, can see this helping people who

1.) Have the time to do this.

2.) Are seriously struggling with hearing/seeing their tulpas.

However, due to it's similarity to other (more detailed) guides about the same sort of thing and the author's inability to make revisions to the document, I disapprove of the guide.
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(09-21-2012, 02:50 PM)Kindofajerk Wrote: This reminds me of a fairly common method for lucid dreaming.

It's called the WBTB, or "Wake Back To Bed" method.
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This guide submission is essentially covering the fundamentals of a WBTB (Wake Back to Bed) process used for attempting lucid dreaming with other LD techniques like other people have stated. More information about it can be found here:

And there’s a guide submission here currently in process of a review that explains things a bit more. This submission can be useful for those who can stay up, but with how it’s prevalent that lucid dreaming isn’t a strong suit for most individuals on this forum, this is more of a tip than an actual guide.

Disapproved for being a potential guide, approved for being submitted to a Tips sub forum or the appropriate sub forum. OP is going to be non-existent since they're already banned if this were shifted for general discussion.
Yeah. . That is a fool proof method. But the hard part is if you have insomnia and have a tough time falling asleep with a lack of melatonin in your body. But what you said is correct, I did it by accident once in the morning and discovered when I have a clear visual of something I enter it into a dream like state, but the catch is it can collapse pretty quickly.
Even if this wasn't already (apparently) a tried and true method of lucid dreaming/forcing, I'd be more inclined to believe it just based on the fact that if you've been asleep, and can get back to sleep, than your brain probably isn't functioning at 100%, so your Tulpa will have an easier time getting through the wall of your consciousness, since you aren't fully functional.
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