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[Visualization] Any suggestions for someone with ADHD?
I would suggest 2 things: very basic visualization/meditation and lucid dreaming.

Meditation and visualization are not the same thing (duh) but they do cross over. A google of the 2 term with give you lots of articles on that subset. Visualizing a religious symbol, a flame, chakras, a ball, etc.. is a lot easier to start than a tulpa for some people.

OK fine; a side note. Self hypnosis and breath control: get some! Learn basic mindfulness and breathing awareness. That preps you for the visualization of basic self hypnosis. The forums here might have guides in that regard. If not? Lots of links in google. Basically you lie down and work your way up starting at your feet, consciously relaxing part by part. Fully relaxed and you do a simple and short visualization of decent, counting down as you go from 1 to 10. (preceding is NOT how to; rather it is what to look for when you google.)

Lucid dreaming!! I know the forums here have tutorials as well as links to dedicated sites and forums. Dreaming will let you get started on wonderland building/exploring. Also possible you have already partially succeeded in birthing a tulpa but simply have communication issues. Lucid dreaming may let you connect/interact.

The combination means you are coming at it from both ends.

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