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[Visualization] Any suggestions for someone with ADHD?
Oh hey!  It's a name I recognize!  Hi!  XD

Anyways,  I have tons of trouble with focus as well,  but I do have a couple tips I can offer.  Not really related so much to visualization in particular, though it helped me a TON with fleshing out my tulpas' personalities, and keeping them active for long periods of time, which in turn made visualization less repetitive and boring.

So, a problem I've always had is that I can never think of things to talk about with my tulpas, so that always made forcing get boring quickly and more difficult to keep focus on.  But I've found that it's almost always easier for them to interact with others, and it tends to be much more interesting and easier to focus on too since you're not having to deal with the instant mind-share cutting conversations short before they even begin.  So find a chat or a MUD or something else along those lines, and make an account for your tulpa there.  Or if you've got a friend or two on Skype or Discord etc. who you trust enough to tell about your tulpa, then you can use them as well.

Sim games like Second Life work well too.  You'll be able to let your tulpa interact with other people, and you'll also have the perk of some added visuals, especially once you figure out how to fully customize your avatar and get them looking exactly as you envision them.  Being able to actually see them moving around can help to burn that image into your head and make it easier to visualize them again later without help from the computer screen.  (Just be aware that unless you have the skills to make your own avatar parts completely from scratch,  you'll likely be spending a little bit of money in Second Life.)

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