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[Visualization] First contact :D
Don't get me wrong, I've seen Toby many times in my mind. I do passive and active forcing but its always been in my mind.

So I wanted to share something with you all that happened to me today.

I was at an amusement park with my friends and we were in the wave pool and I was laughing an messing around with everyone else and I looked over and I saw Toby stanig next to me clear as day, in his swimsuit smilin at me. He laughed just as a wave hit me and knocked me on my butt and I heard him laughing again.

Shortly after that me and my friends where riding our last rollar coaster and I had to sit alone with my two friends behind me. As the attendants were checking the restraints my friends boyfriend leans forward and says "what the hell amber, your not even gonna buckle up your imaginary friend?!" and I hear this unmistakable LOUD laughter like it was right next to me and just after the coaster started Toby told me "I swear to god he can't see me!" and he laughed again.

By the way, my friends know nothing about Toby.

This was the first time I've ver seen him that clearly with my own two eyes and the comment on the coaster from both of them was just priceless!!

So this isn't a thread to brag. I want to know, what was your first tulpa contact? Was it visual? Auditory? How did you feel? How long ago was it?

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Nice! Im really jealous. Visualization is one of my main goal's after the usual tulpa creation process. May I ask how long you've been forcing with Toby?
I've had him as an imaginary friend for nearly 20 years now. He says 21. I don't remember when he came around exactly.

He became vocal about a month ago and I've been practicing imposition for about two weeks. It gives me a headache and it's weak at the moment but I can hear him faintly sometimes. See him rarely, but I think I'm getting better at it. I'm working in the visual aspect of imposition at the moment. I'm devouring guides like nobody's business.

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