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[Visualization] I somehow kind of see my tulpa in real life [ READ ]
I've had a tulpa for a day, and I've already been able to communicate with her, though I've seen a figure that looks kind of like how I imagined her tulpa to look, but it's slightly transparent, but seeable nonetheless. Is this normal? The reason I ask this is because I've only had this tulpa for one day, and usually it takes weeks for something such as this to happen.


It this normal?

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Be super psyched that this is happening! A general rule about tulpas is that they are self-fulfilling prophecies. If you believe that you hear your tulpa, and that you can see your tulpa, then it is your tulpa! Don't doubt yourself, you may be the fastest tulpamancer in the history of tulpamancers! And believe that you are too. Cuz then self-fulfilling prophecies and all that.
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Can you see details, or is it just a darkened area of your vision with their general shape? Do you have prior experience with hallucinations?
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What AttackDoughnut said. Actually we should have a bot that replies like that every time someone asks "Is this normal?"

Having said that, yes, imposition comes more easily to some people than others. Some people learn to impose before they even know what tulpas are. Some people (like Bob Hoskins) impose accidentally.

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