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[Visualization] Indecisive Visualizations?
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Indecisive Visualizations?

I've been working through the visualization process with my tulpa for a while now (about 3 months in development). However, during my many forcing sessions and daily routines, I'm finding my image of her much more accurate while going about my day; but when I sit down and actively force, her image is often out of proportion and many of the details I'd easily established are fumbled or forgotten. Few are intrusive thoughts, but I dismiss them as such.

Any amount of progress is good, but the idea of having a better developed image walking around/with me has driven me to become reluctant to attend regular sit-downs. Instead, I find myself narrating whilst visualizing for the greater parts of my day with much triumph. Are there any suggestions or strategies I could use to grow my tulpa exclusively passive? Auditory hallucinations are very few and far between, but they've become more frequent; how long would fully developed speech take in this manner? What other suggestions would you recommend? 


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RE: Indecisive Visualizations?

Your passive forcing style is already very active. I say try for imposition next. The fact you can stably focus on your tulpa while walking around is a clear indication you are on the right track.

Time to audio is tricky. There are a bunch of tricks you can try. But overall, I suggest just mainly ask questions. Wait for a response. Ask your tulpa to try to be more proactive, and think about how to push their own thoughts and participation forward. Ask them to think about themselves.

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