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[Visualization] Is this a wonderland?
I've only just started forcing with Toby, active forcig that is and he's already well developed through years and years of passive forcing so that's the background... Sort of.

When the sessions start it's hazy. I can hear him telling me I concentrait, focus harder... Just generally encouraging me until I get sucked down into this black pit.

I see myself in the third person. Sometimes he's there and sometimes I have to wait for him to show up. It's a black, echoey nothingness but not a bad place if that makes sense.

Once he shows up hell hug me or give me a kiss and say his hellos and then usually what happens is hell lead me away by opening a door and on the other side is.... Well whatever Toby wants it to be.

One time it was a room filled with flower petals and cherry trees( after telling him to surprise me) one time after asking him what he does while he's quiet he took me into this grand movie theatre where Mean girls was playing, and rather vividly. I actually watched some of it with him.

And sometimes hell open a door and it will just be my Livingroom or bedroom. Other than that it's just echoes and darkness.

Did he create his wonderland? Is that whats going on here? I had the impression it would be more grand then just.... Well it's basically the room of requirement hidden within a black hole lol

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Sounds like a wonderland to me. S'whatever you (and/or your tulpa) want it to be. Sometimes I use black emptiness to calm down and find my minds eye a bit before anything nice happens, too. I also use a door to get to the better parts like you too.

If it's not 'grand' enough to your liking, you can just edit it how you want it.
“From my rotting body,
flowers shall grow
and I am in them
and that is eternity.”
Actually I like the way you put it here. Having the blackey nothingness does help me to focus and center myself and I do kind of like that hidden behind each door is a surprise.
To answer your question simply:


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