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[Visualization] Is this Good or Bad???
hey everybody it's easer to visaulize my Tulpa in the real world. Is this a good thing or bad thing??? I'm wondering if I'm skipping stage or something??? Thanks!!! (Day 3)

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Stages don't really mean anything. Some would consider this an extremely good thing, and it would never be thought of as bad. It may fade though. I used to be able to visually impose Bud quite easily in the beginning like you are now, we're a year in now and it's become quite difficult. My problem is mostly because of lack of practice, so keep that in mind too.
By in the real world do you mean that you see him in your mind eye but while you're doing your everyday things or with your own two eyes in front of you?

That's all I do with Toby. I don't really try to force unless it's before bed or were both really bored. It's not a bad thing and If you're comfortable doing it then go with it!
me and red are often in trinity but i often let red out to the real world so he can watch me play some games or watch youtube with me.


That's perfectly fine! Name people use a wonderland but it's not necessary at all, especially if you can imagine your tulpa in your surroundings
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