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[Visualization] Need advice on new Tulpa
Hey Im on day 3 of developing my Tulpa. It looks almost exactly the same as Korra from the tv show "Legend of Korra". I can visaulize hr perfectly for a few seconds. I'm trying to find out if I am visualizing her well enough to move onto the next stages. Do I need to be able to visualize her for a long time without losing focus???
Tips for beginners would be nice, Thanks everybody.

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I know this sounds like a whishy-washy answer but all the stages are fluid. You should move on when you feel comfortable with what you're doing with your tulpa. As well as there isn't necessarily a particular order for things to be done in. But if you can visualize your tulpa perfectly for a moment like you said, then you are definitely on the right track, and the next step would be to see if you can keep her in your mind for longer and longer.
Some tips I could give would be to imagine her like you've been doing, but try and focus all your energy on keeping her there. Try imagining taking a picture, like your eyes are a camera.
Or, another way would be to focus in on specific parts of her, and keep those in focus and then slowly merge it all to the full body, after you've done all the parts separately.
Also, congratulations and good luck on your journey!
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Kaz is right, stages are fluid and you should move on when it feels about right. Being able to quickly visualize her sounds promising. Still, if it were me I'd probably spend a little trying to extend that few seconds. You can also combine stages and practice visualization for a bit at the start of each session and then move on to whatever you're doing next. Also if your next step is another sense like touch, you might find that working on that helps visualization.

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