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Visualization questions - "mind barrier"
sorry if this is in the wrong area! I didn't think this would fit into questions and answers considering it's not really a question but more a want for advice

so I've been active forcing, and visualising my tulpa.. i alao read jd's guide and I've determined I'm in the stage where I can see everything in detail but it's got a black transparency or darkness, both in the wonderland and my tulpa so I'm really close to full visualization  like real life

I've read what they wrote and I'm still not sure how to approach 'tearing down my mind barrier' so I can see everything in clear colour. Any advice on how to improve this is appreciated
also, with visualization I seem to have it in like a small screen in my mind's eye instead of it like across all of the eyelid which i believe im doing "wrong" because I can imagine both but i just automatically go to small screen visualization on lolol

Feedback appreciated ♡

Edited title to be less generic - Vos

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Usually what you see in the imagination is expectation driven. You can run a test. Instead of going to your wonderland, imagine waking up. But you aren't waking up the normal way. Someone is shining a bright light in your eyes. You open your eyes and realise that it's not a light. It's the sun. It's daylight, from a clear sky and you are outside in a giant meadow on a hill between mountains.

Imagination usually has a lot of holes in it. But the parts we focus on tend to fill themselves in, so we get a good impression of our imagined spaces anyway. Some typical holes include washed out colours, people teleporting around instead of moving properly, and missing details. I suppose a sort of black transparency could be in that group too.
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Have you tried relaxing a bit and seeing where your mind takes you if you don't try to actually control what you visualize? Maybe that'll help you think differently about the way you visualize in general. Personally, I have found that awake visualizations are very much like dreams, in that if you fight them you have to be sure you'll win, or you'll simply lose.

Just relax, and meditate on what you see with your minds eye without trying to control it. Can you see things clearly that way?

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