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[Visualization] Using the Hypnagogic State to Induce Lucid Dreams
Take it for what it's worth, this has worked for us many times. I found this site that more or less gives a method. I don't use this method verbatim, all I do is visualize normally as the hypnagogic state starts and a few times it has induced a wonderful lucid dream-like adventure.

Usually this ends with sleep, but in conjunction with napping, I've several times recently went straight from Hypnagogic to lucid dream. Though the lucid dreams are typically short and unstable (as most are for me), hypnagogic is more stable.

We've spoken about this here quite a bit, this is just another example of it's use and the fact that others do use this as we do.

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I have never successfully achieved a lucid dream through entering a hypnagogic state. Most of the time I would just sit there, watching the pretty colors and stuff, my body would go numb, but I would never fall asleep. There was one time I hallucinated a loud chainsaw noise and a yellow-green color, felt like I was slowly becoming paralyzed, but I got scared and broke the state. Sometimes I would feel too restless and break the state out of frustration from 40 or so minutes of being uncomfortable trying not to move.

The yellow-green hallucination and the buzzing noise have occurred during instances of dream-paralysis where I feel partially paralyzed while I am still dreaming.
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