[Visualization] Vague visualisation, inability to see
How is visualization supposed to feel like? I tried to visualize my tulpa for a while, and the best I have done for now is managing to see a fuzzy dark form for 12 seconds after 30 minutes of concentration, while I usually get nothing most of the time. Is this normal?

I tried to do some visualization exercises, but the problem is that I cannot even see the canvas/whatever object in my mind. Are there any other workarounds to this?

I'm sorry if this question has been asked a million times, but I couldn't really find an answer that I understand.

EDIT: I feel that I can visualize, but not when I am making a tulpa. For example, if I am looking at a question that involves a spherical cow being whacked by a spinning hockey stick while both are sliding on a frictionless ground, I can feel how the things will move around, no problem. The problem is that I cannot actually see the objects. Is that how it is supposed to feel? I'm confused.

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That is a common form that visualisation takes among those that are not practised in it. I do not think it is that common in the modern world, as many people have read fiction novels, and that trains up visualisation.

Forget the canvas metaphor. Your mind is a television screen. What was the last movie you watched? What was the most memorable scene? What was the main character doing? What did they look like?
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I don't watch movies much, but I play video games. Is that a substitute?

Anyway, I can feel what is going on when I try to remember a scene from a video game, but I still cannot see the image. I can only feel it.

What should I do?
Seek out visualisation training exercises. Or switch to auditory based approaches.
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I thnk I can do auditory, but I cannot hear my tulpa yet. Probably going to break through my mind's eye blindness and work on vocality for now. (Still have no idea why I cannot focus on my mind's eye. Is my tulpa not attractive enough? lol)

Thanks for the answers.

Your visualisation problem sounds a lot like mine, only that i think i can also see outlines of things, or atleast can imagine where these outlines would be if I saw them, so I can mostly trace most images/scenes/motions...
While that held me back a lot at the start, I kinda just rolled with it after some time, it's a lot better than nothing after all.
I think real visualisation just takes a lot more practise and patience with some people.
You could maybe try to interact with your tulpa gesture based, for example a simple yes/no could be done by either nodding or holding up according signs (thats what I deal with atm) or anything you could come up with really.

I am also still fairly new to actual tulpaforcing and didn't get all too far either yet, but I am progressing, so it can't be too bad if you believe into it.

Or try what tulpa001 said and seek other methods that you're able to do/learn easier and faster, this forum is huge and you'll probably find something up your alley!

Good Luck!
I'm in the process of making a tupps.

Personally, I'm sh*7 at visualization unless im in a dreamy state.

When forcing though, I still see great development if I FEEL the visualization.

So instead of just seeing whatever hazy form of the tulpa my mind's eye can generate, I focus more on the feeling that the tulpa is actually there.

I find it personally easier to visualize my tupps (by a considerable degree) if I draw my tulpa in photoshop (GIMP is a free alternative) 360 degrees. So I draw the front, then a 45 degree, then the side, then a 45 degree, then the back, then another 45 degree, then the side, a 45 degree, and back to the front.

You don't have to be a super amazing artist to do this. Honestly, you could pay someone $20 on Fiverr to do this for you if you want it to look really impressive. Personally, I just followed a few youtube tutorials, and actually drew over some pre-existing characters I found on Google Images. Turned out just fine.

I find it much easier to visualize 360 degrees due to this, and mentally posing the figure is much easier too. There's a lot of visualizing methods on this site, one I personally use is making the tulpa "low-res" and then gradually increasing the resolution.

My tulpa's form is almost photo-realisitc. I made it in the Black Desert Online character creator, so all I did is rotate the character, screenshot each angle, and commit it to memory.

Then I made a more realistic "anime" looking version. Then a very cartoony "manga" version. Lastly, a Family Guy-level simplicity version.

I start visualizing the most simple and gradually increase the complexity until I reach the photo-realistic rendition.

That's what works for me, hope you got some value from this
Seconding the 3D video game method. Games like 3DCG or Artificial Academy or other anime dress-up* games are great for getting the anime look. You can also port models to posing programs and see how they behave and where they bend, helps a ton.

*with... other functions

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