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[Vocality] Coaxing Tulpae Into Talking
Approved for guides, also a viable submission for tips & tricks

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Is there too much overlap with the voxxing guide here? I guess this one adds the possibility of using the mindvoice you have heard your tulpa use before, but I dunno. Otherwise they seem very similar and I'd say the one we already approved is the better one. Something I'm not seeing here? I would disapprove, as this is a repeat in my eyes.
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It seems like the method is the same but the application is different. This guide is about speaking at all and the other one is about speaking with a distinct voice.

I suppose for that reason I'll approve this guide. Also tagged for [Sentience] because etc.
Approved, Tips or Tricks or even Guides (pick majority section vote).

This is an useful technique for getting a tulpa to better exercise their voice. Similar variations on it can work, such as reading books together with the tulpa or trying to speak over each other.

This is especially nice as it can teach some people the difference between their actions and their tulpas if they haven't already, thus in some cases it can train independence a bit - as long as the tulpa has an inkling of it already - and as long as the host can tell their will apart from the tulpas.

I think it's similar, but different enough from "THE VOICE" to also get approved. "THE VOICE" requires memorizing the voice and applying it to the tulpa's form, but leaves it up to the tulpa to speak (given enough narration), while here, the tulpa is encouraged to speak more, while the host teaches them various things about (detailed) mindvoices.
Approved for guides, I like this idea even if I have no trouble doing this anymore.
7/9 Approve for Guides.
Ugh, and what if i heard her saying some random stuff for several times now but I'm not really sure if it was her or just me? Would that one work?
Haven't tried this out yet, but it really sounds cool
Ask her if it was her and see if you get a response again?
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(06-24-2014, 01:38 PM)SakuraSky Wrote: Ask her if it was her and see if you get a response again?
I can't "get" it on purpose, you know. It's just so random. And if I'm waiting for the answer and get it right away, I can be 99% sure that's just me parroting.
But yeah, she sometimes gives me a positive emotional response (you know, that nice heat in your chest) when I ask her if it was really her answer. So... I sure will check this method out! Thanks.

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