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RE: waifu

I didn't want to comment but screw it I'll comment.

I didn't create Toby for that reason but as it stands now we are together. We both decided after a lot of talkin that this was what we wanted, it made sense and it makes us happy.

Now that being said there is a thing or two I'd like to address.

In the beginning there were issues. Extreme jelousy being one of them. Toby knows that while it's not a priority in my life I do date and I may end up being with someone someday. Not likely but it might happen and at first he said he was fine with it.

Then I started flirting with guys and Toby would get insanely jelous. There was one time we got into a screaming match so bad I had a migraine and all it was about was Toby asking me to be with him and him alone.

Since then we've had our back and fourth about it and Toby has figured out for himself why this isn't reasonable or healthy and it's actually now a non issue but it was an issue with us.

Another thing is that despite the fact that we are together now and cant get enough of each other it wasn't always that way. We were just friends for a very long time before this ever happened.

Keep in mind that just because you think you have control doesn't mean that you do. Your tulpa is their own person and things may be very different than what you originally intend but that's part of what makes a tulp/host relationship so special.
08-06-2014, 07:32 PM

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RE: waifu

I've read a lot in the past about how making a tulpa of your waifu is discouraged as well as the trouble some people have had. I believe that most of it all depends on how you feel. If you listen to others, and think that making a tulpa of your waifu is asking for trouble, then you'll probably have a rough time. A lot of it has to do with your own mentality.

With that being said, yes I would say that Lisette is my waifu more or less. While she is original in terms of personality and form, originally her form did borrow a bit from other characters until she ended up where she is today. She doesn't mind our bond in the slightest, and actually gets a lot of enjoyment out of it. She doesn't get jealous when I go out, or express some interest in others, since she understands my needs. However, she's always more than happy to cuddle up on my lap or take a nap with me, which is very uplifting.

The point of the matter is to follow what -you- think is best. If you would like a tulpa as a waifu or with similar traits to your waifu, then go ahead. The emotional benefits that a relationship like that can provide is definitely worth it.

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