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Warm Feelings
Hello! My name is Mitch and I just started forcing a couple of days ago (about 4 or 5).

I have been mainly passive forcing and I try to narrate whatever I can to her and I believe I can even feel her presence more clearly now. I have only sat down and meditated a couple times for a total of about 3 hours. All of the sudden yesterday I have started to feel a warm feeling in my heart every time I think deeply about her. I was just wondering if this could just be me kind of making up the emotions and not her, as I would like her responses to be as clear as possible. Same goes with the head pressure, I do feel it a lot when we force together, but I don't know if this is me making it up or not. Just kind of worried is all.

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Well of course it's you. Everything is you. Point is to make it feel like it's NOT you. I'm certain what you feel is due to you working with her, though. At least, by comparison, when I started making Dante the same thing happened with me. Happy feelings when I thought about forcing and lots-o-head pressure. Assume it's her whether or not it is and, well, then it will be her!

'Least that's how I see it. . .
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Could be dopamine, could be a psychosomatic experience, could be how she communicates to you, maybe it could even be nothing in general. No one can really go into your mind and give you an accurate answer, especially if you just did 3 hours of meditation for forcing and what have you. Try doing it for a few months, and go through trial-and-error to see if it has any potential of making any breakthroughs in contributing to her existence.

Whatever the case, whether you feel you're making it up (e.g. intentional psychosomatic experiences), or it's something genuine, the time frame is so short that it can't really have major detriments on her development unless you're willing to consistently fulfill that belief that it is the case.
Alright that makes sense, I haven't been tulpamancing for very long. When I talk to her all day she is there for me to listen, though I'm not sure if she knows what I am talking about haha.
I had something similar whenever I touched my tulpa, whether in wonderland (despite having no sense of touch there) or when I had her barely imposed in RL (I can sense her presence and there is a little tactile imposition), for a while (2nd week to 3rd week of her existence). For me, my best guesses were that they were my emotional responses to contact with her or that it was a way for her to communicate. Given some of the bizarre things that may have been her communication attempts from that time till now, the latter is highly likely. I plan on asking her once she is vocal.
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