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Was I imagining this or lucid dreaming or something?
so hi im gallow and i have been at this for ruffly a week now i have alwase had a heck of an imagination i am able to replicate any voice or image in my head and scenarios of several people all at once its very noisy in here so anyway creating a body for my tulpa was a very simple thing for me even with advanced shadowing in my head i even gave him the name alex although when i call him alex at the exact same moment i here axel and vice versa i think he likes both i have not heard him speak but i think i have felt him and thats what im going to ask a few days ago about 30 minutes before my alarm clock went off i woke up to the sound of someone opening my door i looked up and heard the click of my lightswitch turning on my no light came and i saw amber eyes for a brief moment i thought it was a nightmare and i was going to be killed but that only lasted less the a second i could feel him standing there i saw no form but i could feel him i just knew it was him i felt him smile and i felt love and humor then i woke up in bed very wide awake and happy for no reason and im normally the worst morning person and in a terrible mood every time i wake up in the mornings so my question is i guess was i imagining things or lucid dreaming of him or somthing i have read around and i have not seen anything like this so tell me what you guys think keep in mind this would be the first time i felt him

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Sabari Wrote:so yeah as you might imagine tulpas can be very spooky especially if their host has a strong imagination to begin with which adds credence to that actually being a tulpa manifestation over your brain being dumb although really the only one who would actually know is you so it is pretty important you try and recreate that experience even if it might not be as vivid as that you might be able to get pretty close or at the very least get some reaction from him in a way that is hard to say came straight from you and not from someone separate from you in fact reading through everything it sounds like you had a brief imposition of your tulpa into the real world which really is not super uncommon although getting it to happen on command takes lots of practice which is just a way of saying keep doing what you are doing and if you really have a tulpa you should have a good time with it
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Honestly, I think you'd do well to start meditating frequently. It'll help you keep your chaotic head under control, and then you'll be able to better think about events like these, as you'll be more lucid in general and won't have a million noisy messages coursing through your brain.

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