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We now have SSL!
Hi everyone,

We now have SSL for! That means you can have secure and encrypted access at the following address: (notice the "https")

Lolflash - click it, you know you want to

We're also on the new server now (though there's some little things that still need to be done, e.g. email-related stuffs).
Chrome complains about the certificate and says it's not trusted, just wanted to let you know
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Yeah, just found that out. Going to contact them when I get home from work.
If you get an error from chrome, PM me a screenshot and any other information you can get me.
It should be fixed now.
Updating the forums, so the themes may look weird for a few minutes.

...not that I personally care (since I don't have anything important on here anyway), but...
It's always nice to see a community site like this willing to make proper security upgrades that even some larger corporate-run community sites are too stingy to do.

FYI, Firefox gives a Gray warning triangle
* The website does not supply identity information.
* The connection to this website is not fully secure because it contains unencrypted elements (such as images).

Also: The certificate is issued to not (i.e. the domain itself is not verified) - So you're using a shared certificate...?

At least it's working - even if only partially.
(08-08-2014, 11:00 PM)GuessWho Wrote: Also: The certificate is issued to not (i.e. the domain itself is not verified) - So you're using a shared certificate...?

Since the SSL verification requires a company name (registered), Fox Tail Hosting has been set up to cover both this site and the service provider that the site now resides on. As this is the only site on the service provider, the certificate is not currently shared.

Tl;dr: Basically, is a subsidiary of
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Yep, what Nobillis said. I had to go to the local courthouse and register "Fox Tail Hosting" as a company, then use that as the organization name when creating the certificate. It also isn't shared. When I bought it, it was good for 3 domains of my choosing, and when generating the certificate, I chose to have,, and You can read the domains listed here, as well as some other neat things about the certificate (such as the chain).

As for the grey triangle, I'm just happy that we're no longer having that "This connection is not trusted, click here to continue". There's a few non-SSL entries/images being loaded through SSL (probably the lolflash banner, some users' hotlinked avatars). The passwords that you enter and the webpage text is still going to be encrypted though, even if some images are not.

Edit: The warning should go away on the main page now (I fixed the lolflash banner), but on this page it'll still show up since my avatar is hotlinked from imgur without https.

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