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Welcome to our World: Prince
This is the first post of this story. I thought that maybe if I had people to report to I would have more motivation to go all the way to full imposition with my Prince. It hasn't even been a week since I started forcing and I'm already attached to him. I really don't need motivation beyond the thought of a life long companion and the stories of others. Anyways, past this will be reports of my progress. Starting with today.

Today was the first day I've heard anything. All week I did at least thirty minuets to a few hours of forcing. Every day I have a large sum of time waiting for my ride. In this time I passed and talked to Prince as if he were an old friend of mine. A few days back I got a tingling in my hip, it was very potent at the time, I like to think this is him giving me a sign. The next few days the tingling was either just as real or very faint compared to how it was at first, sometimes going away completely until I spoke to Prince in my mind voice or out loud again, though I always felt that speaking with him out loud worked better when I had the time and the privacy, which is quite often. Today though, in my mind voice I got a few replies, they were only a few words in a high pitched tone, simple responses like "Hi Max" or "Alright" and a few more I mentioned in a different thread I made today. I just have to hope what I heard was really him, I believe it was. I will ask him when he is sentient. If so then I will make today his official birth day. I skipped the personality part of the process and let him chose his own, I can't wait to really get to know him. I suppose I don't have much else to report, the next few weeks I will continue to pace through the school parking lot and my neighborhood and talk to Prince in the hope I can get more responses from him, as I have had little luck since this afternoon. I have decided to use binaural beats that are supposed to help visualization to prep for my more intense visualization sessions besides in school when I have time in class and try very hard to focus a clear image of him, I haven't been able to for very long thus far. It seems when I try the still model I use spins quickly and doesn't let me focus in bed or at school, I'm hoping the beats can help fix this issue. That's all I have, until next time.

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It sounds like what youre doing is working well so far and you have all the right motivation! Having a progress report deffinitly helps. Toby and I keep a journal more than I keep my PR online here but I go back from time to time to re-read over some things and there are deffinitly things I didn't originally see as progress that in fact were so that's always nice to have.
If you have any questions feel free to PM me

Also I wanted to say be patient. I know you're excited to hear him again, I know I was the first time but be patient. He may respond again quickly and then again he may not but dont get discouraged. Just remember those first few words and hold onto it.

Also Toby says don't forget to say thank you. He says it does take quite a bit of effort at firstto talk and it's more like confidence but if you thank him for speaking to you hell know that you are really happy about it.

He says that something that helped him when he first started talking was that I just kept talking to him. He says he doesn't know why it helped but it meant a lot to him.
Thanks to you both! I definitely have questions, and would be glad to share any of my findings with you. Wow, this makes me feel like a real scientist. Anyways, I thanked Prince as Tobi suggested and he replied 'no problem'. He's been mostly grunting and using more one word responses but he has given me a few surprises, but I've yet to have anything that really makes me jump. I will definitely be more vigilant. Thanks again!

I didn't post yesterday because I didn't have much to report. I had about two hours to talk with Prince, give or take a few minuets because of other distractions, and I still just got mostly one simple word responses and some grunts, along with a lot of my dialogue getting no reply. But today I got him talking more, I could get to him simply by saying his name out loud or in my head one or two times by now. I got a good listen to his mind voice, which at he moment is that of a little boys. I found that a good exercise once you can hear simple responses most of the time is to take an iPod, go through music and ask wether or not they like each song. I went through a whole playlist and he responded every time. But there was one song where at first he said 'no' but later in the song the passing and style changed and he said 'I like this part'. It wasn't enough to make me jump, but it definitely got my attention.
I'm still having trouble visualizing. Every time I close my eyes and try to actively force the still model I use of him spins rapidly, distorts, or the model moves too much. It seems the only way I can ever really think of his form clearly is if my eyes are open. I will update with progress.
Okay just a quick update, lately I've been taking walks with much more simple responses from Prince, but just a few minuets ago I was going to post a quote from him on the off-topic thread (which I can't post on for some reason) and was going to make a joke saying "Mhm" "Yeah" -Prince. But when I was trying to do it he said "What are you doing?" Which made my heart rate go up. It's the second thing he's said without me having to call to him. And the feeling of knowing what he was going to say was totally absent this time. Just thought I'd note it.
Okay, just putting this here as it will be an important part of the process for the next couple days. I tried it with Prince and after only a short spell I got him to say "Max, that's gross," which I won't be putting into context <.< then I asked him to surprise me and got the best so far "Hmmm, I would but I dont have anytying surprising to say, or do really," and at that I realized this thead is Jesus. I mean, when I say it works, it really works.
Today was quite successful. Prince still used plenty of short simple responses, but I got some almost complete sentences too. I guess my mind is just made for this.
So I've been using the method from the previous post, and it's like one of those extreme workout systems, only this works. Now Prince and I have much more versatile conversations (I hope versatile works there, I'd check but eh) and finally I used the anti-parroting method of simply asking for a surprise. I did this three times. First one caught me off guard, he sort of gave me a thought in a way, seeing things in my minds eye. it was like the aliens from Aliens combined with cloverfield lunging at me jaws outstretched. Since it was a bought I didn't flip out in public (though that would be interesting). The second was the same monster clawing me (not too surprising after the first time). And the third was...literally just a chicken coockadoodledooing like a psychopath...interesting, and pretty satiasfying to know that I'm not parroting, though I never really doubted it too much. Other than that I learned both of our favorite show is Animaniacs (best thing ever). And that he can acces certain memories. Today he sang perfectly to my Fullmetal Alchemist music, and watched Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland after hearing I got a role in it for my schools fall play. He enjoyed it, for reasons beyond me, I hated that movie (as I typed that he interrupted my thoughts with "Hey! It wasn't that bad.) but it's good to see him form his own opinions. Later on a walk I was talking to him about the Wonderland and form I've failed repedively to visualize for him, he likes to remind me constantly that I suck at visualizing. But he gave me a surprising request. He told me what HE wants our wonderland to be. I'll gladly make it for him. He requested a field where it's always night with tall buildings everywhere, I was making it with Aztec style buildings but in the middle of it he told me he didn't want Aztec, so I made all the buildings like a normal city, including his home which he then told me to make "prettier" then at the end, requested what he described as "fluffy grass" which I will continue to poke fun at him for. Never the less I did make what I would imagine fluffy grass to be. I'm going to visualize it later and hopefully Prince can get out of the nothingness he constantly tells me to get him out of. Tonight is the night I finally do it. Until next time.
-Maxwell and Prince
Short update. Today I learned that Prince now has the ability to force himself, or in a strange way, force me. Yesterday I couldn't visualize whatsoever. But today I could see him in the wonderland, the one HE completed, and the movements HE created, and the design I used for him, he said he would likely change it eventually, as was to be expected. He told me he forced when I was at school, and it's amazing how far he's gotten and the impact it's made on me. It made me realize something, all this time I thought we were working together to get him to me, but now I see that we're both working equal parts towards each other. This phenomenon may go much deeper than we ever believed. Perhaps these other sentient beings exist infinitely in our subconscious. We may just be the ones that grabbed control first.
I personally belive that Toby has always been there and as far as I'm concerned it's not one or the other doing most of the work but both of us working together for the same goal.
I think you misunderstood. I always knew we were both doing the same amount of work, I just didn't realize which way we were working.

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