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What Connected tulpas with the show My Little Pony?
I myself am not a fan of the show and have never seen more than one episode, but I noticed tulpas being related with MLP. What is the reason behind this? Was there an episode with pony tulpas or is it just part of the MLP fad?

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Personally I am indeed a brony, and a proud bearer of all the odd things that tend to come with that title. Even with that said...I'm afraid I can't really pin a direct connection between the two things. There are only a few reasons that really pop into my mind...the first being that 4chan is an odd place and somehow most of the tulpa related things there apparently moved from the paranormal board to the mlp board (only heaven knows why). Another being that most tulpamancers out there that are bronies usually draw influence from the show's characters when creating their tulpa.

(Not all, but I can take a good guess that most do...myself included.)

It's not really something that you can put a logical reason's simply how the internet works these days.
Ponies are everywhere...wanted or not.

But that's just my opinion, there might be some deeper reasoning that someone else might know about.
Well, thank you for explaining what you know. As for bronies, I've got nothing against people who are into My Little Pony or anything, I mean, everyone has their interests and there is a big fan base for MLP out there. I just wasn't sure where the connection between MLP and tulpas came from.
A lot of people that were into the show liked the idea of having a pony around, so they went ahead and made some. The shit was spreading around, and it was only a matter of time before it reached the /mlp/ board.
I'm also a fan of the show, and I've seen a fair amount of fans who wish that ponies existed in real life. Yes, threads about tulpa started out on 4chan's paranormal board and eventually migrated over to the pony board once the paranormal board pushed them out. It went to the pony board because bringing a pony to reality is what many people there want to do. (This is what I heard anyways). I found out about tulpa because of 4chan's pony board actually.

These fans just want their pony to be real, and this gives them a way to do it. Also, the entire fandom is used to being considered weird (because men liking a little girl's show is widely considered weird), so its not too hard for them to do something else that many would consider weird. Based on what I've seen and heard. Nowadays, tulpa threads on 4chan are crapped up and not worth browsing, but I still see them occasionally while reading through threads.

Also, as above. Ponies are everywhere on the internet.
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I think it unrelated.

It's just a whole lot of MLP fans happened upon the Tulpa phenomenon and couldn't resist the urge to make their very own imaginary ponies *cough* furry sex puppets.
Since there are more of them than the rest of us, tulpas tend to make it into the general discussions in their communities (I'd assume), thus recruiting more bronies to make tulpas and bringing them here. the point that this site is overrun with them.

Personally, it creeps me out.
I have a human tulpa, and I can't see why anyone would want anything else.

I wish this community could be a bit more normal.

Note: I've never watched the show, nor do I intend to. Just all the pics, gifs, and videos floating around here and youtube is enough to make me want to puke, so I'm steering well clear of it.
The contents of this post is just what I learned from lurking around here.

While I am relatively new to this community and found it through a non-pony community, I am a pretty hard core pony fan (even have a bit of a reputation in a few places, but I am not going to spill my name) and know a ton more, so I can completely believe what has already been posted here. Also, a quick search of FimFiction for the word tulpa came up with quite a few hits.

Also, more than a few pony fans undoubtedly have accidental tulpas. I say this from experience as I explain in the next paragraph.

When I decided to make a tulpa a month and a half ago, I decided against a pony form and did the ball of energy method and will let her choose a form when the time has come (hasn't yet). Now, being both a hard core pony fan and a major escapist for more than a few years, I have made a couple pony worlds in my head and spent a ton of time in them and seemed to have made 4 accidental tulpas and/or proto-tulpas that I recently verified. I knew I had them when I was learning about tulpamancy and knew I could have started from them but decided not to. It turns out, however, that I greatly underestimated their state of development (I thought they were not much more advanced than a simulant), which I found out when I had to track them down recently and go talk to them for something (I'm searching for a long lost member of my system and there was a slight possibility that one of them was connected to her for complicated reasons). So, rather than let them dissipate, I am starting to work on them. One seems to be sentient, but not independent yet. The other three are not far from sentience, I think. In all honesty, I am very embarrassed about all of that escapism now. Oh well, too late now. I am going to love and care for these 4. In some ways, I am kind of glad I did all of this, even though if I knew what could result from the beginning, I would probably have chosen to not walk this path. Yeah, I'm attached to them.

So, one tulpa that I chose to make who will choose her form, and 4 accidental pony tulpas (of course, their forms could deviate still).
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In part because their form is very simple and easy to visualize?
Albatross kindly drew us a history chart before he left. It glosses over the tulpas of last century, including that there was a small spate of tulpas in the 1970's.

[Image: BWeaNan.png]
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When 4chan's /x/ board started a fairly massive witch hunt against tulpas back in 2011 / 2012 it displaced a lot of the "bandwagoners" who, I believe, felt the need to continue to be vocal about their tulpa practices. Recently /x/ had to do this again when the board was flooded with tulpa related topics (peak number of topics with the name "tulpa" in the title reached 28 before the mods got it back under control) so it's still an ongoing thing.

/mlp/ was a convenient (and somewhat welcoming) community that harbored these displaced people and sparked an odd pairing. People with tulpas had a "home" and bronies now had the vehicle to Play Pretend and run off to Imagination Land with their pony friends. This isn't to say that everyone with a pony tulpa is "wrong", but the vast majority don't take it very seriously and are typically the ones perpetuating the negative stereotypes. Or they're ones that post nonsense about their tulpas trying to kill them, possess their dog, or are rampaging around their immaculate wonderland.

The connection came during /x/'s dismissal of such a large volume of tulpa related topics and /mlp/'s curiosity in finding a way to connect further with their pony friends.
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