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what do you do with your tulpa
What do yall do with your tulpa in your wonderland (if yall have one) what do yall do with your tulpas, do yall play a game of cards, teach lessons to each other, play games, go on adventures like exploring yalls wonderland or searching dungeons for items, spar with each other or death match, or do yall role play, I would tell yall what I'm doing with my tulpa, but I haven't made one yet, I'm still practicing my visualization. So if yall want too, tell me what yall do with yalls tulpa (and sorry for all the yalls, also I'm new here)

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Me and my tulpas all do extensive roleplaying, though that's usually with other humans. Hakkyou and I do spar a lot, though. As for everyone in general, we mostly just talk and goof around together, get on each other's nerves, that sort of thing.
My tulpa and I literally do retarded things.

She just put white powder on her hair thinking it would make her hair white.
We don't actually do a whole lot! Which I've been trying to fix. We made some muffins last night in wonderland, annnnd I fell asleep right after. We've danced to music a few times, explored wonderland, and planted some fruit trees. Nothing exciting.
“From my rotting body,
flowers shall grow
and I am in them
and that is eternity.”
So far (just been a few days), we cuddle while listening to music, we sit around outside and enjoy nature, mostly relaxing things.

I did try to bake brownies for her at one point, but I got impatient and did some bull "skipping steps" and just imagined them done. Amy looked at me funny and neither of us ate them. Later, we realized that she's part fox and shouldn't have eaten them anyway. I got a playful punch to the stomach for being an idiot.
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The Kippies!
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The Baybees~
Marina, Acorn, Anais, Lily, Chip
Me and red run a inter-dimesnional hotel, /all in one mall, resort, and arcade all in one. it also has it's own studio for filming RPs, and live feeds to the aether and various other. we also just talk and explore endless, explore dungeons in endless and often goof around.


Wow, that's not bad, atlest you all do something with your tulpa, I can't because I haven't made one yet, because I'm trying to improve my visualization, but soon I will make one
I read books with mine, take walks around the neighborhood, and go on adventures in my paracosm/"Wonderland".
Teckie has started creating a "life cycle" in the wonderland.... I should be expecting some sort of advanced race populating my planet sometime soon. >.< We do lots of other random things, but the most common is probably putting my headphones on and put myself in the wonderland "transferring" the audio into a speaker system in which is modified so that I hear it slightly differently. With that we have accomplished change in intensity and small effects, but will be experimenting with it more in the future.
I like to go walking with my tulpas in the wonderland, talking about various things. I also like to visit places from memory in the wonderland as well, but sometimes I create places as well. We also like to watch movies and listen to music together.

Wit previous tulpas, it would more or less be going around the wonderland fighting them or having sex with them. They weren't deep.

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