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What do you think of this tulpa video clip? (Creepypasta)

If I got this in the wrong place please put it where it is supposed to go.Smile

Why no reply?Sad

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It sounds like a fanciful story based on a minimal understanding of tulpamancy.

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I'm not intentionally watching tulpa creepypasta, that's why no reply.
They don't bother me at all somehow. You should have heard the creepypasta that got me here. Whew that one was way crazier.
I think it is just a creepy pasta and pretty harmless.

Summer got annoyed and did not like it.
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I agree with Summer.
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(02-20-2019, 11:53 PM)ghost kid Wrote:

My tulpa creations had a distinct lack of sound and light effects, but this video does capture some of the 'magic.' And it's not creepypasta. 

May I offer this clip, where Dipper makes clones of himself? Gavin got a laugh, thinking about it. It's a little macabre if you think about it in terms of tulpas, but this is... kinda how it happened with me and Gavin. I'm all for sharing clips that are tulpa-ish, but just know, creepypasta is usually pretty offensive. It makes people out as monsters, and... people tend to not like that. 

And have you ever hopped in the cbox? People will probably accept stuff  where you're saying "check this out", a lot more in a chatbox than on a forum. The Discord would also probably be chill, and you'll get a more immediate response in both places. Just depending on the time. 
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I already read this creepypasta. Here's the transcript for those who want to skim it.

This guy at least researched what he was talking about. I thought the whole scientists using sounds of torture and pain to make a Tulpa evil was a silly but at least interesting excuse as for why the Tulpa turned evil.

And then we decided to re-read it again and found this:

The Tulpa (Creepypasta) Wrote:I withdrew a little from the world at that point. I was having trouble relating to people. It seemed to me that they were so confused and unsure of themselves, while I had a manifestation of myself to confer with. It made socializing awkward. Nobody else seemed aware of the reasons behind their actions, why some things made them mad and others made them laugh. They didn’t know what moved them…but I did, or at least I could ask myself and get an answer

This is such a random plot turn and it's stupid. I know I inevitably have to cut time out of Cat's daily routine to do things, but Cat and I worked hard to make her more social!

From there, the creepy pasta gets more and more dramatic and the Tulpa's like all evil and wants the host to kill a guy, and it's all stupid. Then the Tulpa kills the host and everybody because ofc.

I'm sorry this sounds so stupid but Ranger changed my mind about this creepypasta story. It was the creepy pasta with the most effort built into it at least, and I have a sick and twisted sense of humor...

I don't have the same taste for creepy horror stuff, plus I find it a little bit offensive, but I get it that people are going to come up with stories like this one if they spent too much time thinking about Tulpas and not understanding the reality of Tulpa creation. I don't know what the author's intent was. I have heard one theory that it's to scare away people who shouldn't make Tulpas. For all I know, it could be Cat's motivation: creating a creepy story out of something they experienced and get a kick out of it.

And one more thing:

{deleted} Wrote:As a psychologist, it's terrifying to say that this is, in fact, possible. As to the people who did this to you, if they are psychologists, they have crossed the line of ethics by several light years and deserve to burn in the hell I don't believe in. I sorry to learn what happened. That kind of psychological warfare is unprecedented and inhuman.

P.S. Find a counselor. A good one. An ethical one. Checking yourself into an institution (temporarily) might bring relief and peace.

*sigh* Reddit. I'm sorry, but I want to post this comment because there is so much going wrong here it's ironically fantastic, so I will leave it on display as an example of ...the internet.
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That last quote suddenly had Stewie's (from family guy) enhanced voice performed perfectly. I have no idea why. All this visualization practice is really helping me enhance my immersion in reading. Anyway, about the creepy pasta, if i could only find the one i saw that was the first time i heard the word tulpa, it would be right up there with silly.

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