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Poll: What does your tulpa(s) look like?
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An animal (Pony, daemon, etc.)
120 15.83%
A Human (or humanoid)
333 43.93%
Anything Else (please post a description)
24 3.17%
Original Character (OC)
117 15.44%
Fictional (including media, anime)
115 15.17%
No fixed form (including shape changers, formless)
49 6.46%
Total 758 vote(s) 100%
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What does your tulpa(s) look like?
I havn't made mine yet, but when I do, it will be an original human.

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I checked all the boxes because screw the system
From the beginning, I wanted my tulpa to be an original character, but I was unsure on exactly what form to choose for quite a while.
I decided on making a pony in the end, though I am open to any eventual deviations.
A non-sexual succubus. I'm not having sex with her.
The word succubus implies that they rely on and force orgasms for sustenance. There's just no way around that; and before we get discussing semantics here, I think that we can agree that succubus means an entity that both relies on and forces orgasms for sustenance.
Orange juice helps with concentration headaches.
(06-03-2012, 01:47 PM)bila bila Wrote: A non-sexual succubus. I'm not having sex with her.

So wait, a tulpa that LOOKS LIKE a succubus, but isn't actually a succubus?
I'm on the first day but I have some rough blueprints.
my tulpa is named Uric (or something similar as to what it chooses)
Uric is a slightly but lovably sinister, outgoing. also plays the drums.
uric smells like oranges.
uric doesn't have a gender yet, actually my mind keeps leaning toward a floating pet rock with a sharpie'd smiley face but I reaaallly don't want that.
Mine is a teenage boy, about my age. His name's Cyrus(I call him Cy sometimes though), he either wears a bright red or blue hoodie, and a light-grey v-neck shirt underneath. Skinny levi jeans, and he has black converse high-tops with three red streaks going on both sides. He's got dark brown hair, that's combed to one side. He's slightly pale, he's got dark brown eyes and a freckle under his right eye. He's quite funny/mischievous a bit of a smart-ass, always saying little witty comments, but he's very caring. He changes his wonderland quite a bit also. He's coming along pretty great considering I've only had him for about three weeks.

Name: Cyrus
Form: Human; teenage boy/wolf.
Personality: Mischievous, a trickster, caring and funny though.
Sentience: He's almost there.
Working on: Sentience.
Total Time Elapsed: 3 and a half weeks.

That sounds pretty nice. Definitely something different among all of the animu/anima tulpae around here.
Orange juice helps with concentration headaches.
a similarly-aged, human chick named Alex. She'll be pretty much a friend or companion, as imaginary friends were never enough :P and I love all things psychological so when I found out about tulpas I was esthetic. that means happy right?

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