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What is going on here?
Is it just me or has their been a rise in people who have no idea what a tulpa actually is coming in and spamming the boards with "tulpa related questions?"

I don't know why it's pissing me off so much so I'll address a few things here.

1) you cannot make a tulpa in a day so if you have a new one thats fully sentient and vocal every day, bullshit! I call bullshit it's not possible you have imaginary friends knock it off.

2) your tulpa are not trying to kill you, melevolent spirits, spying on other people outside of your range of vision or more powerful than god (unles you GAVE them that trait. Your tulpa is under your control, it's apart of your mind and it's not going to hurt you and being afraid of it is silly.

3) your tulpa cannot summon real life in the world demons. Period.

4) your cat/dog/mouse/random bird/ neighbor or sister cannot see and will never see your tulpa. Ever. Period. It is a construct of your own mind the only way anyone can see it is if you draw them a picture.

5) your tulpa is not a ghost.

6) your tulpa cannot effect the world around you any more than you can move a chair with the power of your own mind.

7) please use the search button before posting a question/thread.

Anywho, that's my rant for the day. I'll step off of my soapbox now.

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I think some are trolls, just doing it to get a rise out of the rest of us.
I think it is possible to have a new tulpa in a day though.. once you make one it seems incredibly easy to make more. They won't have a full personality yet or anything, but can definitely be sentient and vocal pretty quickly.
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It seems to happen every few months. That and kids that want a boy/girlfriend tupper and want them for only that. I left for almost six months because I had gotten tired of the bullshit. They'll tapper off in a bit and be back in a few months. It always seems to happen.

And I partially agree with you, Sakura, but I think Amber is talking about the ones who claim to have a fully developed tupper within days. Being vocal or partially sentient is totally possible in a short amount of time if people put in the work and time for it, but for a tulpa to fully develop and mature as a real person does, that can only be done with time. It takes time for the brain to make the connections we believe is the source of our mind mates.
Totally agreed, Ashmo. I did have Amy vocal, conversing, and a solid form in under a week. But she certainly is still developing as a person even now. Back when I first made her, sure, she surprised me with some of the things she did, but she still stuck pretty hard to what I thought she'd act like instead of doing her own thing. Takes time to become your own person.
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Soon summer will be over and the kids will be back in school and everything should quiet down again.
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Maybe it's just me but I think everyone postin here should have at least a basic understanding of what does and does not constitute mental illness.

I'm seeing a lot of people claiming to have schizophrenia or claiming to be sociopaths and after reading some of their posts I can clearly see that they are not sociopaths they just think its cool to claim to be so when no its fucking not cool, my mom has narcassistic personality disorder which is basically the same thing its a fucking nightmare so knock it off you little shit!

o.O I REALLY needed to get that off my chest. People that claim to have disorders they know nothing about makes me see red. I spent my life taking care of a bat shit psycho and I know for a fact that it does not make you cool or different and just because you have spreading thoughts or have a hard time dealing with people on a social level does not make you crazy it makes you a douchbag for making a mockery out of something that makes people miserable!!!!

I'm done. o.O if I offended someone I am truly sorry.
We should make them take a quiz when they register. Those who pass get to become one of us, and those who don't get it yet get to go to the kiddie table and talk about demon tulpa from the tenth dimension, and how their dogs and five year old neighbor kids can see them while their tupper does magic to make them breakfast.

Yeah, the schizo wannabes are getting on my nerves too. My cousin is a bad schizophrenic and that shit gets scary. Even when he's on his meds and functioning like a normal person, he's still pretty scary and you have to be careful because of how impressionable he is. And I know there are different levels, but I can only think of maybe one person since I've been on this site who was actually, truly schizophrenic and he doesn't come here anymore, and he was only here for a short time.
I totally understand that. I get a little pissed whenever I hear people talk about how they are "sooo OCD" because they are annoyed that something is out of place.
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Yeah that's not OCD lol OCD is needing to lock an unlock the door exactly 8 times at 8pm or else you might come down with tuberculosis. least in severe cases.
Not that I'm saying it's a likely scenario for every single person claiming they have xyz disorder, but there are plenty of people (and I imagine this goes doubly for kids) that get misdiagnosed. I was once diagnosed as having schizoaffective disorder, but was really just depressed to the point of psychosis and had THC exiting my system and the two combined made me paranoid and scary delusional. Less than six months later, I was fine and got off the anti-psychotics. Noe I'm on the very lowest dosage of anti-depressants available and have been rediagnosed as having recurrent depression.

Finally, in the case of things like schizophrenia, many doctors are beginning to consider them a degenerative disorder where things gradually deteriorate over time. This means schizophrenic A will have completely different levels of behavioral function than schizophrenic B.

Of course, many posts here should be taken with a grain of salt. But I would personally hesitate before calling bullshit on anyone we don't know. If the poster is in fact correctly diagnosed, or even misdiagnosed without being aware, then we can do more harm than good by turning our backs to them or calling them out.

That's just my two sense.

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