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What is your experience with parallel processing? [Aka why I doubt tulpa sentience]
Bumping for replies, and for additional clarity, I'd like to restate my position as concisely as possible.

Claim: Based on the reports I've read on/off this forum, tulpas are incapable of independent thought, and therefore cannot be sentient.

Note: The above disregards tulpa behavior that is unexpected and situations wherein tulpas claim they are capable of independent thought, because neither of these things is proof of independence as demonstrated in my previous post. My experience is that when tulpas are told to think about something, and the host later asks them for results that would have required time to think about, it's evident the tulpa was unable to do so.

Definition: I'll define sentience as the ability to actively perceive things that exist. I'll avoid hazy psychological distinctions by saying that this state exists when the conscious mind exists. For our purposes, how the conscious mind is maintained or comes into existence is irrelevant.

Structure of proof: For a tulpa to have a distinct sentience implies that it has a consciousness that is separate from the host's consciousness. This implies that it has the capacity for independent thought by the definition of separate consciousness. Based on the properties of tulpas (individual memories, capacity for language, etc ... ), this would seem to imply that tulpas have the ability to reason in stages independently of their hosts (see multi-step problem solving). However, this seems to contradict the many user reports of tulpa independence that I've read. Therefore, tulpas cannot be sentient. QED.

Relevance of claim: I cannot proceed with my tulpa's development as long as I believe the above claim. Therefore, I urgently would like a someone to contribute an example wherein their tulpa conclusively demonstrated independent thought. (Ex: "I read a brain teaser to my tulpa, began doing something else, and five minutes later he came to me with the solution." Ex #2: "My tulpa can perform double digit multiplication on his own.")

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