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What should one do when stuck?
Right. Let's Begin. Been a tulpamancer for about 7 months, but recently Jason and I have gradually done less forcing. This is mainly because we have no idea where to go from here. Some things that we hope to accomplish are imposition and switching, but those have been total busts. If anyone could help nudge us towards the correct direction or be able to guide us we would greatly appreciate it.
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Friggin' switching and imposition! Am I right, brah? So very, very hard.

But! Also being stuck there, I've been working on -other- things that you might want to do as well! Instead of working exclusively on those things, try "improving" Jason's abilities. Like, focusing on improving his ability to perfectly recall your memories, reel in your thoughts when you're trying to focus, getting him to remind you of things you said you'd do (future memory), perfect possession (if you've been working on that). There's a lot of stuff you can have him do in your head! And in doing that, I think it might be easier for you two to do the switching/imposition stuff, since the two of you will be closer, and Jason will be "stronger". Saviche?
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Imposition and switching often take a long time. Heck, I've been working with Fench for a year now, and we're still working on switching and imposition. Just find a good guide and stick with it.

Try reading some PRs or tumblrs -- especially the ones of people who eventually achieved switching or imposition. You'll notice a lot of PRs start with a lot of progress: sentience, vocality, independence! Then there are months and months where nothing seems to be happening. That's the part where they're working on the harder concepts, like switching and imposition. Eventually though, they start to get signs of progress again, like seeing their tulpas for a moment or two with perfect clarity. And as time goes on, those moments become longer and more frequent. But they usually don't come fast.
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