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"When God Talks Back" is the most important tulpa-related thing I've ever read.
I had been thinking about comparisons between tulpas and the Judah-Christan god recently, I just never talk about it cause I was scared to offend someone.

Because the more you think about how religion works, especially when it comes to the relationship between the god and the worshiper, it looks more and more like a tulpa. It helps that almost everybody has their own interpretation of the god that they 100% believe is true. If they think god is a certain way, then that's how they'll see the god acting, even if someone says they see the god acting differently. It all depends on what a person wants to see and what they think they will see. Angry god, kind god, fate controlled by a god, god that loves them, god that is upset with them. Also opinions they believe the god has. Like how some followers of the Bible seem to cherry pick (talk their way around awful biblical rules) and others seem to take it literal, and say the god agrees with THEIR opinion while everyone else claims the same.

The thing with a god though, is that everyone has an expectation of what the god is like because it has a reputation. Making it feel more like a single entity than something personalized in the mind. The thing that is true about the god, even if interpretation and opinion varies, is that it is indeed a god, and that it created everything and controls everything.

I guess my point is to say that there are so many different opinions of who god is as a character even though folk are reading the entirely same book (regardless of version) is because people will tend to personify the god as they want to see it. Like. . . well, a tulpa. God is what they want it to be. They hear what they want to hear, what they think they should hear, or what they imagine the god would say based on the tulpa's differing personality.

And, the longer a person is in the religion- prays, goes to church, sings to the god, sits alone and talks to the god, the stronger they'll feel the presence of the god. I used to be pretty religious, and now that I think about my actions they feel a lot like how I'm working with my tulpa now.
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