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When is your tulpa active?
So sometimes when I narrate to my tulpa, I feel head pressure. Other times, I feel nothing at all. Is head pressure a sign that your tulpa is listening to you? Or do they still hear you even when you don't feel head pressures? What are your thoughts?

Tulpas, what about you? Do you remember when head pressure was all you were capable of? Were you still able to see and hear even when your person was only giving you mild attention?
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Head pressure should not really be used as an indication that your tulpa is listening, or all that much else, either.
There's technically no way to know for sure if they can hear you, unless you can hear them.

My tulpa says that later on (as in not in the very beginning), he was able to see and hear things just fine, without me having to give him any attention.

This is the way it seems to be for all tulpas, after they have developed to a certain point of autonomy.
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My tulpas agree to what Kiahdaj says. We think of head pressure as analogous to sore muscles; it seems to occur most often when we work together on complicated tasks that involves parallel processing.

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