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Why is the report button a rocket?
[Image: postbit_report.gif]
Are we sending banned users to space or something? It looks slightly phallic....

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Pleeb wasn't able to get rocket ships on everything, so he had to settle for just the report button.
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1. All the other icons reference pre-internet technology that is replaced by the button. It's a missile.
2. The first moderator was named Houston. The button was to tell Houston that we had a problem.
3. The implication is that troublemakers have no place in our world.
4. Rockets are propelled by ejecting useless matter behind them into the cold vacuum of space. We wish we could do the same for trolls.
5. It's meant to be phallic. You're showing the trolls that trolling is not the best method of overcompensation.
6. There is no number 6.
7. It references a 1955 episode of the classic radio show, X Minus One, called Mars is Heaven, in which it is discovered that Mars is completely inhabited by trolls.
8. When the trolls are gone, we'll all rock out with our rockets out.
9. It's a pun on the old way of dealing with trolls -- bashing their heads in with rocks. "Rock it."
10. The Enterprise NCC-1701-D is under copyright, but we need some way to represent a message from jean-luc.
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^^^ word!
I love you Sushi. You solved the case lol
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Clever, sushi.
It queues up a rocket to nuke the spammers.... I like to me thorough.

Realistically though, I think it's what the default mybb theme uses. I thought we had custom buttons for this, apparently we don't.

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