Wild Adventures of Reilianna and Pcushing

I've (pcushing) been working on forcing for roughly a month now. It's been an interesting progress as I've taken an older RP character mine that also happens to be my fursona and have been helping her become a tulpa. The first couple of weeks I did a little personality forcing, though to be honest it was more of a review of what traits originally made her up, and while doing this reminding her that these are just guidelines and that she is free to be whomever she wanted.

This same thinking I applied to her form as she was a shapeshifter in her character version, so I gave her a base form to start with, and reminded her of her ability to shapeshift and that she was free to choose whatever form she actually desired.  The few times I've actually been able to see her in our wonderland, she for the most part has stayed with her suggested form, though she loves to change her hairstyle.  As of so far she has been agreeable to the various forms I've shown her.

[Image: snapshot_001.png]

Vocalization hasn't truly occurred yet in any form that could be considered consistent, I'm pretty sure I'm stifling her voice a bit though as I stated in my introduction on the forum I've fairly successfully separated where my voice is and where hers is. While we've not really had a conversation to this point I get an idea of what she wants through emotional response and generally when she indicates something by "pointing or gesturing" at it.

Most often when she's content I get this warm happy feeling that's kinda hard to describe because I know it's not coming from me at the time. I've also recently had a response to a sad part of a movie that I wouldn't normally have. I can't remember the exact movie now either, all I remember is that it involved character death and I personally wasn't invested in the character, but Rei must have been... At least I assume that's what was going on there. If anyone has any guesses or opinions here they'd be appreciated.

I can also sometimes feel in the "real" world when she wants to be close to me.  This is actually something I hadn't consciously worked on with her yet, so the first couple of times it happened it was quite strange. More or less I can feel when she rests her head on my shoulder, or sometimes when she wants a hug I feel her head on my chest and feel her arms/hands in a typical hug location.  Again for me this is still pretty new so was kinda strange the first time I felt it, especially since we hadn't worked on imposition in any form yet. Normal for this stage or no?

We recently tried running a dungeon which gave me a few surprises because it was based off of the Alexander raid in FFXIV, which if anyone who has run it knows how cool it is. Anyways, I was trying to explain to her that no matter what dungeon we were in always to think three dimensionaly because gelatinous cubes... like to hang out in the ceilings sometimes.  So I manifested one for us to practice fight so she could understand how they work.  We did Ok overall with the fight, and after that I didn't intend for anymore to be in the dungeon. Well surprise surprise instead of just goblins in the next area as there should have been... 2 more gelatinous cubes. Needless to say after we cleared the room it was time for a break.

I am also to the point where I get weird sensations in my brain where her voice is located. Sometimes appearing as a very dull almost headache, light dizziness? or sense of disconnection, or as happened this morning this REALLY weird sensation of my brain being massage between super soft things. I have no idea how to really describe that last sensation but...

Anyways I'm looking forward to the future to see what it holds for Rei and I, hopefully she'll be able to fully vocalize soon, so that we can then begin working on some basic possession so that she can properly introduce herself. The "squish" in my head just now makes me think she agrees with this statement as well!

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Status update 11/01/17

Things have been going very slow for Rei and I, if it wasn't for the fact that I didn't already have a well developed wonderland for her to keep herself busy in I think that I would have already lost her. I keep finding myself being distracted way too easily lately and have been exceptionally short on time to force with her. I do have conversations with her whenever I can, and I find myself constantly apologizing for my lack of attention. She seems ok with it as best as I can tell and I kind of get the sensation that she keeps trying to tell me to stop worrying about it.

I do however have some news in regards to progress that we have made. One of the ways I try to make up my lack of attention to/with her is to cook a meal for us in our wonderland. The setting as picked out by Rei is a medieval style tavern, think World of Warcraft style for a quick mental image. The first meal was picked out by me. It consisted of venison steak encrusted with garlic, pepper, marjoram, and rosemary. Oven roasted potatoes with garlic, pepper, basil, and oregano, and roasted multi colored carrots. What I found interesting about this was the fact that I could smell the food as it was cooking, and Rei as much as I could observe her was quite content watching me cook. Even better she enjoyed the meal once it was finished.

Rei picked our second meal which again was done in the same tavern, which seems to be turning into one of our favorite wonderland locations. This meal consisted of sushi which she made, Chinese style boneless spareribs, general Tso's chicken, and fried rice. The most interesting part of this experience was the fact that she took it upon herself to help finish cooking our fried rice when she realized I wasn't able to focus on cooking it properly due to the other things that I was cooking.  This was another fun experience where I could smell the food as it was being cooked, and could even taste it when we went to eat it.  On the sushi note, this is a food that I know she likes, not really my thing to be honest, but I've been developing a kind of craving for it.  Is this Rei's way of telling me this is something she wants non verbally? Either way I've kinda determined that maybe I'll try sushi again just so she can enjoy some to.

I've also noticed she seems to be far more active when I'm listening to music, as a matter of fact I often get the vision of her performing on some variety of stage either singing or playing an instrument. The instrument definitely varies depending on the song, I've caught her with anything from guitar to violin to drums. I'm also finding myself breaking out into song a whole lot more often than I normally do, and it's usually to songs I REALLY dislike myself. I can only assume that's her influencing me?

We're also getting ready to embark on the exploration of an abandoned haunted type building in our wonderland. I think it's meant to be an abandoned hospital, combined with an old gothic/victorian style manor. It should be interesting, I think by the time that we're done with it Rei will be ready to take a stab at writing a post herself, at least I hope so!  Til then everyone take care and happy adventuring!

Hey there everyone, I figured it was time for another update, as did Rei who has been mentally kicking me around our wonderland to some extent for not having created something that we were supposed to almost two weeks ago now. I'm going to save this for a little later as I don't have the time right now to type it all out. A few interesting things have been happening lately that have the both of us excited. First off Rei has become vocal enough that I feel comfortable with attempting to type for her when she has something to say. Just watch for pink font in this and future posts indicating anything she's communicating, I'll continue to stick with plain black font.
On the possession front I think we're slowly getting there, at least that's what it feels like when we try lately. For some reason she seems obsessed with getting my legs to work first, when I'm trying to get her to work on an arm or hand. I get movement from my legs which usually comes as a surprise, as I'm trying to focus on keeping my arms and hands relaxed.

Get your heads out of the gutter, that's not what he wants me to use his hands for. Well that's what he says anyways. I think he wants me to be able to type, write, and draw first before walking about.

I've also been experiencing some weird moments throughout the day where I don't feel quite myself, almost as if I suddenly am co-piloting myself as I'm driving or working. I also find myself moving in what I consider very Rei ways. Slight tilt of the head to one side or the other especially when curious about something, (think cat or dog for this one), the sensation of an extra set of large canine ears moving in one direction or another, and even some slight disassociation from various limbs as I think she's starting to fight for possession. It's sometimes quite startling, but I think it's a step in the right direction.

He's actually been working on spending more time with me as well, he shows up in our wonderland at all different times just to check on me. Woken me up a few times too.

That's something I've learned to identify now that she mentions that. I'm using the Do Not Disturb sign trick that was suggested in one of the other threads. She's very good about making sure the sign is up when she's trying to sleep, which is usually the time I'm going "Why is it so very quite in my head right now."

I can't wait for us to be able to tell you about what we're doing. Its been alot of fun so far.

Right... I suppose I can clue everyone in on that a little bit even though I wasn't quite done with the previous part. (I promised her I would type for her if she had anything to say and I'm going to hold to it, even if it comes as an interruption to my normal flow of writing.) We want to write about our most recent and ongoing wonderland adventure, we'll continue to post them here in the status update portion of the forum unless there is another place to post shared pieces of writing, in which case we'll slap it up there.

We're investigating a haunted asylum thing. Pcushing keeps telling me to not use that word but that's what it is. I even picked my own gear for our adventure!

She keeps wanting to use my real name when referring to me, kind of makes me laugh. As for the setting she's correct it's a building mostly of her own design, that was an old asylum. (By asylum I mean one of those old horrible awful places where those with mental disorders were mistreated because no one actually understood how to treat them. I'm sensitive to the setting due to the fact that there are still some of these places out there in some countries where they find some of these archaic and barbaric treatments to be acceptable. Just don't want to stir the crock if at all avoidable.) Anyways, we're in the process of investigating it so be on the lookout for future posts!  Oh and Happy Turkey Day to all!

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