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WillWow_mc's ... thread?
OK, this is the first time I've posted on here and I would like to get a couple of things straight. (I type a lot of stuff when I write, so be prepared!!)

Introduction: Because I've never registered 'till now, I haven't been able to introduce myself or anything(I mean, derp) so... I am 14, have an IQ of 133, know all about suggestion and things like that(hypnosis), and I am a brony*.

1: Multiple times I've seen people saying that visualisation is not 'seeing something on the back of your eyelids', yet multiple people say all about seeing colours and shapes and the like. So, it isn't a (kind-of)hallucination with your eyes closed, more an imaginative picture. Or not‽ It's really got me in a knot.

2: My tulpa is...(please don't hate, I know you won't, but I still am saying it...) a pony. For some reason Princess Luna is some kind of... magnet which always grabs my attention, so when I was thinking of a form... Luna's image pops up in my head, and I couldn't choose anything else, as I couldn't think of anything else.

3: Tulpae are essentially a subconscious 'being', running original thoughts not of your conscious, through kind-of 'filters' which are the personality, which are then delivered by some sort of message which we can understand? I know that is a mouthful, but, I mean, it is subconscious, right?

4: I haven't tulpaforced too much, but for some reason I can think or say things and I get an almost instant response, which a lot of the time is filtered through my tulpa's personality, so I wonder is it actually my tulpa? I mean, ALREADY? I do think of it a lot and that, and I wonder if by doing so I have somehow been, in a way, tulpaforcing without realising. Not sure. EDIT: Realised it is passive forcing. Ignore that. Or is it not my tulpa responding, just my subconscious replying with 'you' changed to 'thou', 'your' to 'thy', etc., and sometimes 'I' as 'we' and 'me' as 'us'. I included that last part because in my tulpa's traits for forcing, I had her only use the royal we sometimes, in the presence of multiple people, which happens normally at school or archery. So what is going on??? I hope you can answer that without being confused. Sorry, but sometimes I find it hard to express what I want to say as I type a lot more than needs to be done. But I hope it gets the job done.

*No, I didn't find out about this from /mlp/, just searching hallucination crud one day on Google. It seems only a coincidence that there are many bronies on this site.

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