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[Wonderland] Any weird experiences?
So I created a little wonderland a week in a half before school started for me, its just a little living room with two doors that lead to other rooms but I'm not gonna go through them let until I feel like adding on to it, there's a door going outside that I'm not going through either, a couch, a t.v, two Windows and two lamps. Ok, I make it so I can improve on my visualization, but when school started, I couldn't visit my wonderland for a bit, but I started to visit it again last week, so a few days ago, I was in my wonderland, and I was looking through one of the droors of the office like dresser with a lamp on it, the dresser is like one you see in a office room, that you put stuff in
, so I opened the bottom one, and I see a rubber ball rolling around in it, it starteld me, now I know that yall were thinking that I was going to say something exciting happend, but the thing is, the rubber ball I saw, was a very special thing to be that I lost a long time ago, that rubber ball is what my first and best friend gave to me years ago. The thing that really startled me was that I completly forgot about that ball, but now I remember it, I wish I never lost it, has anything weird like that happend to yall in yalls wonderland? And I hope I described everything good enough to yall

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Toby recety built me a house. A very detailed two story two bedroom house with a pool inte back. I was not expecting that. Usually we meet under this cherry tree that he grew.

I guess the weirdest thing that ever happened was and is when Toby reminds me of things from my childhood that have been Lon forgotten. Song I used to love, toys I used to have and even people I use to know. He says that he does it to prove that he's real
Well, we have many wonderlands. I once made a door so that my counterpart (was plural before tulpas) who is currently mostly out of communication could connect whatever wonderland she is in to it to come in. A wonderland did connect to it a couple days later, but she was not in it. Wonderland is vast and seems to have no animal life or traces of it inside and that wonderland's side of the door is free standing a couple kilometers up in the air for some reason, though I do get the feeling that I am being watched whenever I am there and I did find a hidden camera. Well, anyhow, I ended up making another door right next to it. About a month ago (would be a couple months after the previous one), a white-void wonderland connected to it. It appears to be infinite and at first there was nothing in there other than a couple things I made. Next day, a black rubber sphere about 1.5 meters in diameter appeared a couple kilometers away from that world's side of the door.

- Hail
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