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[Wonderland] How real is it meant to feel?
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How real is it meant to feel?

Is being in a wonderland and interacting with a tulpa supposed to feel like reality or just watching it like a movie? I can "see" it all fairly easily but it feels like watching a movie. Is it meant to feel so real you could mistake it for real life?
06-03-2014, 08:40 PM
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RE: How real is it meant to feel?

I'm sure everyone is different about their wonderland, but I imagine trying hard to "feel" it helps you keep things consistent and interactive. If I focus hard enough I can sometimes imagine how grass in my wonderland feels, or how the sun feels. I tend to be able to keep myself warm or cool myself off when I focus on the temperature long enough (though I read that's normal for meditation). Personal, I think it's more like a dream world. In the sense it looks and feels like a dream. With enough practice and using descriptive language it puts more physical feelings into it, like the grass and temperature I was talking about before.

But, like I said, everyone's probably different about that sort of thing. Depending on how they look at wonderlands and how much experience they have with them, things likely vary in great degree. Though I don't find you could mistake it for real life at all.

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06-03-2014, 11:17 PM
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RE: How real is it meant to feel?

I think that may be a bit misleading. It's rare to naturally feel very immersed in the wonderland without practice - the key word here is immersed, which is more definite than "like a movie" or even "like a dream."

For me, visiting the wonderland is as if I'm seeing through my eyelids. I can't actually see anything (except my eyelids), but I know exactly what I would be seeing if I could. This isn't very immersive at all, and I never lose awareness of the outside world.
However, I can increase my immersion by literally stretching the "movie" around myself, so it covers my entire range of vision. With practice, this can be turned into a fully immersive, sensory experience (as Patchlamb said)

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06-04-2014, 01:39 AM
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RE: How real is it meant to feel?

Whenever I try to imagine myself in some mental environment with them, if I block out as many senses as possible, mostly what I hear from outside, it doesn't become as distracting to shifting my awareness to mind's eye visualization. Presumptions on whether or not people have natural abilities to immerse into whatever mental state (e.g. alpha state, delta, theta) is up for debate, but it's not like the practice is inherently so difficult that it would take a long time for some, or most (e.g. genetic predispositions that may aid in some visual prowess).

Though I hardly see any difference in those virtual experiential realities in active mental visualization in the waking state from what I experience in the lucid dreaming state. It's just shifting your awareness in some altered state of being, or consciousness for those that want to have some kind of metaphysical bearing for dreaming, this reality, and active mind's eye visualization in reality. One could presume that after practice, it would be easier to engage in psychosomatic experiences that may shift into mind's eye visualization.

In other words, being able to know how you feel in the waking state before mind's eye visualization, and then imagining how it would feel as imaginary senses in a wonderland, or whatever goes on in your head becomes a bit easier with practice of just learning to be aware of awareness, literally. It's just a matter of wanting those sensations to be applicable in that state, and maybe become more intense and hyper-realistic, I guess. Usually if I go back into forcing for at least 90 minutes, I'd probably care less of what goes on in reality, and my awareness would just be fixated within, and partially on what I type of those experiences with image streaming as well.

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06-04-2014, 02:02 AM
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RE: How real is it meant to feel?

I literally asked myself this question this morning when I started forcing. I was even going to ask the question on here too but then I just realized the answer would be 'as real as possible' (and of course you have already beat me to it). Try to get the wonderland to be as real as possible. Think of what it would feel like to your senses if you were there in that spot. Sometimes I can think about the temperatures, in the shade, and in the sun, the humidity, and those little gnats that you hate that buzz in your face. Only do this if you are very focused, you don't need to think of your wonderland like this all the time. Just try to make it as close to real life as you can.
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06-05-2014, 03:21 AM
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RE: How real is it meant to feel?

endless is a realm i kinda made in my head/ using... other means of.. manifestation (more so a RPG Maker..) and i added all the stuff that a realm needed to flourish and even a hotel for my creations to live in along with towns and cities that didn't impede with nature but also look quite tasteful. i don't know if you can be bound to a realm even after death..wherever your soul goes when you die or wonderland that you make but i tend to feel like i am really there even with red he/she seems to love it there.



06-06-2014, 04:37 PM
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RE: How real is it meant to feel?

It feels like daydreaming to me.

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06-07-2014, 04:50 AM
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