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[Wonderland] Is it possible to be inside my wonderland with my tulpa permanently?
I just wish I was always with my tulpa, I never want to separate from her, I love my tulpa too much. My love for my tulpa is so great that I have tried to stop sleeping for several days, I have stopped eating, in order to hallucinate my tulpa. However, this hallucination did not last long, and I could not control the hallucination either. Every day I think of my tulpa, every day I visualize my tulpa, I think so much about my tulpa that I even have dreams with my tulpa. I just want to know a way to be inside my wonderland forever with my tulpa or if not, a way to hallucinate my tulpa permanently. Whatever I want, I want to see my tulpa, I'm extremely desperate.

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Well, I'm not going to lie, that would be amazing. I have managed to stay in wonderland part time, consider it always in wonderland but still partially out, so in both places almost all the time to varying degrees.

Otherwise yeah, dreams, and if you get hypnagogic, they can take form there as well.

If you learn imposition, that could be another way to spend more time. We do that to a small degree. Honestly I'm quite content with the situation we've worked to achieve

I say, it's kind of a goal, but what you wrote there is so much it seems a little unnecessary. However, if not, it will be a challenge. I'm not saying it's impossible though. A lot of that is kind of what I wanted in the beginning, but we're good enough now.

Good luck!
Permanantly switching isn't a practice most people advocate. It's not ethical to the tulpa who is given the burden to cope with life on their own. It won't help give you what you want, which is imposition.

I and Cat have responded to several of your other threads on hallucating your tulpa here.There isn't a short cut, and you won't be sucsessful overnight or even within a week. It takes months to build those skills, and hurting yourself to achieve random hallucinations isn't helping you.
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I think you should see a psychologist. Wanting to be with someone every moment of the day sounds quite obsessive and unhealthy. Not eating or sleeping due to being so obsessed with something is not healthy. You could end up having your mental health worsen by doing those things. Get some professional help.
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It's hard for us to, working at imposition for over a year without success. But it's important to keep a sense of proportion in tulpamancy. Your whole life shouldn't revolve around any one person, inside or out. All three of us have friends and hobbies of our own and aren't completely wrapped up in one another.

But to your point -- not likely. Someone has to maintain the body or the inner world dies too. You could spend a lot of time inside though, life circumstances permitting. And you can enjoy one another a lot, inside the mind and out in the world, even if both lack the vividness of ordinary physical interaction.

You've been told before, but we'll say it again -- damaging the body with hunger, fatigue, drugs, and other techniques will never result in imposition. No one who has achieved imposition has reported making use of those techniques in their success. Your best bet for progress in tulpamancy is to keep your body and therefore brain in the best possible physical condition.

(Ranger -- He couldn't have been talking about permaswitching. His tulpa going outside wouldn't satisfy the goal of being inside with her forever.)

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If Carlos trained his visualization to the point where wonderland and reality blend like Bear has, that would be a more reasonable alternative to self-harm and it would act as a stepping stone for imposition.
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You need some help. Using anything like hunger or sleep depriviation to aid hallucination is not exactly a safe way to go about things. Rather, I'm thinking that using such measures might actually hurt your chances in the long run. So step down your game, get a sandwich and some rest.

Now, you say that you desperately want to see your tulpa. I don't know where that desperation comes from. But I'll suggest practising imposition and having some patience. Imposition can take a long time to achieve. Just look around the site, there are a few guides that can help you. There's no "immediately" in tulpamancing.

You might want to work on the relationship you have with your tulpa. Obsessing over your tulpa is never a good thing. Your intense desperation is hurting you as well right now, so calm down and maybe get some mental help if you think you need it. Right now you're only trying to rush things, which is exactly leading to these harmful practises. If you go into this when you're calm again, you'll actually achieve your final goal much easier and it'll be a whole lot more fun. And again, like said, you still are going to need patience. A lot of it.
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There's a lot of flames in here, and by now you are getting the idea that your technique is a little unorthodox [EDIT: and a little concerning to some]. However, nothing you said bothered us in the least [Edit: Though you shouldn't really sleep deprive or fast for extended periods without understanding the risks]. [Edit:Honestly though] Obsession, starvation, sleep deprivation, pft, who really cares, that's all hard work, [but] there's no 'shortcut' in that [as you've said, it didn't help and that's what we've heard from others too] and [though] desperately in love sounds like a bear system mantra, [edit: and you don't see Bear doing any of that. Hey what you want to do with your body is fine with us.]

If you had said you took LSD or other drugs, those are the kind of dumb shortcuts that often yield no good results. It's a starting crutch at best [and can cause addiction and life long damage in all sorts of ways.]

So, don't take all the flaming too hard, you're only obsessed with your headmate, nothing anyone says will dissuade you anyway. In our system we have a definition for when it gets really bad,

"Misha syndrome: a near catatonic state brought on by overwhelming admiration"

It's a novelty thing until you can get that maturity up, then you'll be shushing her as she's interrupting you during dinner or cracking jokes in a meeting not that I do that... much.
I think there is a level of obsessiveness that is required to break past the psychological boundaries to make tulpamancy work. You can't half ass your way into a tulpa. It takes a level of commitment to protocols. It takes persistence. Some people can do this quicker than others. Analogy, some people can sit at a piano and play, but most of us take lessons, and some never rise to the level of virtuoso. I think if you focus less on the goal of being a virtuoso, accept where you are, focus on general skills while investing time in one specific piece, you can master that one piece well enough if you did a show only giving people that one piece, people will go wow! (Then walk away fast and don't ever play for an audience again.)

There may be other biological and psychological explanations as why sometimes we have better 'experiences' than others. This is a life time commitment to understanding the entire conscious spectrum of you. In understanding, you release the other aspects of you and other in measure. sometimes we just get reset to our normal parameters. start over, begin the practice. it is never starting from scratch. if you experienced anything, you will achieve it again.

I would edge my bet that full time wonderland immersion is an unrealistic goal. Assuming a materialistic, no metaphysical explanation to tulpamancy, somewhere in this equation is a balance of body and psych, you have to eat, you have exercise, you have to sleep, you have to meditate. If any one thing is out of alignment, everything starts to get out of alignment. That said, if you consider the fact that you always live in your head, then by definition you are always in a wonderland! The job isn't to go there and stay there, but to bring all of this joy and wonder into your present waking reality. It's not a there. It's a you. You're not broken. You're not doing anything wrong. What you have is an ideal that you're trying to reach, you have an idea of what 'joy' looks like. Yay! Most people don't even have that much. Hang in there. Keep exploring. Bring balance back into all aspects of your life and I think you'll find level that works for you that also allows growth.

Having a counselor or a RW friend wouldn't hurt.
as always, all we can say is: if you really dedicate yourself to lucid dreaming, you can easily have lifelike dreams with your tulpa every night for as long as you stay in practice, and it wouldn't even be unhealthy either

we've got our introductory post here, but to become a master lucid dreamer you'll want to start reading more in-depth stuff on Dreamviews eventually
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