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[Wonderland] Wonderland: Tips, Tricks, And Basics For Hosts
(02-15-2017, 07:58 PM)Flandre Wrote: I'm going to go ahead and proof read your guide to make up for derailing. I want to note that not saying "a" or "the" or "your" before "wonderland" bugs me a lot, like a lot a lot. You did it through the whole guide so it might be fine to leave it. However, you started writing "a wonderland" a bit after Tips for hosts and tulpas who are making a wonderland, and that's a problem. Because it kind of just makes it worse when you go back to saying it without the "a"/"the"/"your" again. Honestly you should probably put "a" or "the" or "your" before every single use of the word wonderland, but.. I'd understand if you don't want to. I guess. It just might bug some people, or it might not.

I know it might be silly/redundant to proof read that part, but I did it anyways. "Is" should be "are". Maybe change "before" to "for", but I don't know exactly you were going for there. Can probably leave it as is.

"physiological" should probably be "psychological". Physiological means pertaining to the body, psychological means pertaining to the mind, more or less.

Should have a "to", lest the sentence read "Now try imagine a hand grabbing the apple."

Should read something like "and feeling it slap your hand as you catch it." You could just add an -ing to "feel", but it reads weird as it is.

Tense of "close" should be "closing". "you" should be "your". "Mostly," doesn't make much sense and is kind of extraneous anyways, so you could remove it and start the sentence with "After some time".

"then" doesn't quite work after "Once you have", you can either remove it or replace it with something like "it's time to".

Should be "Ask them questions". Puppeting refers to you moving their wonderland form around, parroting refers to you imagining them speaking. Unless you're talking about physical responses, you're probably talking about parroting. Puppeting isn't bad either, though it's nowhere near as common an issue as parroting. They aren't so interchangeable, now that I'm seeing them in use.

"of" should be "at". "transfer what you find out in reality" should probably be rewritten, it doesn't make sense at first. Maybe "take inspiration from reality".

At this point, you start saying "a wonderland" instead of just "wonderland", before going back to not. Putting "a" or "the" before "wonderland" is the better way to write it in general.

"is" should be "are". I guess I know what you're going for with the "Mostly,"'s, but that specific word doesn't really work and can again be removed altogether, starting with "With all that I have said". "in" should be removed, or extended to "in the wonderland", but I'd just remove it. "Only" should at least have a "The" before it. And "starting wonderland" is still really bad, not saying "your/the/a" before "wonderland" implies "Wonderland" should be a proper noun, as if it's a name and there is only one.

"have" should be "having", or add a "to" before it. "milage" should be "mileage".

You're probably going for "I recommend testing out how they like life through possessing". You can also just replace "out" with "through".

"pulled" should be "held".

Both "tulpas" should be "tulpa's".

"tulpas" should be "tulpa's", assuming you're talking about just one. Tulpas' if multiple.

"On the flip side" is a little weird/unique, so saying it twice in a row isn't the best idea. You can replace the whole thing with "However,".

Should be "a loss of sense of self", I guess. The term for this is dissociation.

"is" should be "are".

"may be good to know" might be better to say. Otherwise you'll have to make it "I believe you may need to know". "that" should be removed (just ", or need clearer definitions") with how the sentence is written.

Should be "correctly", I guess? You might as well remove this part of the disclaimer though, as you had one at the top that was good.

And that's it. Don't know what to say about the "wonderland" thing, it's such an integral part of the guide that changing how you used the term may be too excessive, you'd have to fill in "a"'s and "the"'s and "your"'s all over the place. If you do decide to do that, you can tell me if you'd like and I'll do it for you, because if you wrote it this way in the first place you might find picking which words to use tricky.

Thank you for this, I will get to work on a lot of this and explain the few that wont be changed.
I hear puppeting used for both parroting and puppeting a lot, especially in progress reports, I will try to edit that quick.
The 'transfer to reality' part Kyle meant as in what you learn in wonderland with tulpa building, you can use out in real life. Will re-write for him.
He did mean 'pulled' back in that section. I have before been pulled back into wonderland with him when he has tried hard to be in wonderland while I am out before.
Dissociation is not the word we would be looking for there, as that has a separate meaning in the guide and all (And here we loop back to that), but I will look into it.
Wonderland being with an a in front and not in other points is something I didn't notice because often I dont even think using grammar, so it kinda slipped past.
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Also as said, switching is as long as one person disconnects and the other connects, quite simply. So I would believe what you there do would be switching from what I hear. Again wonderland is just a thing you can use while switching, but its not the integral part of it.
Hi, I am Sam. LostOne's (Or Kelly's) tulpa, first one, started back March 16th of 2016. -
Oh please, I was wondering what you meant about "Tulpa's definition". I didn't realize what he'd said was in a hidden tag. This is what I originally started talking about the definition of switching for, because Tulpa said it was-

(02-14-2017, 11:15 PM)tulpa001 Wrote: Switching- Almost definitely incorrect. Especially by sands' legacy definition, which places switching as a host skill. By imported plurality standards, switching refers to a change in presence in the front. Body control is a possession thing. The modern definition is likely more permissive and does not require that a person detach from the senses.

That definition isn't incongruent per se, but it's more vague and less descriptive than the current given one. However, that comment about the "modern definition" is undoubtedly what sparked all that back-and-forth between Sands and I. He thinks you got that from us. Absolutely not. Switching requires detaching from the senses, "at least as much as is normal for the tulpas in the system". Any of us can be aware of the body's senses, but only the one fronting is attached to them. We don't wince when the body is hurt. We just know it was hurt because we live in the same mind. So aside from to-that-extent, you absolutely must detach from the senses for it to be switching. If you don't, it's literally the definition of possession, in this case full-body possession.

I apologize for bothering you today Sands, his statement followed by my terrible wording of the "definition" understandably evoked the reaction you gave. That stuff you said earlier about us and our "potential" is a bit worrying, I hope you understand whatever you thought we were implying is not how it is for us. We've tried possession and rather dislike the feeling of "reaching over" our host. The idea of full-body possession for an extended period of time is baffling (sounds absolutely terrible if I'm being honest).

Though the stuff about us having the "potential" to be active when not thought about - I understand, and I'll let that subject be. Not even close to what we're talking about, and not something we really want to talk about either.
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I'm just special because "I'm a tulpa". So I don't think I've much to offer, here. I'm happy enough to just be with him.
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(02-15-2017, 08:19 PM)Flandre Wrote: Though the stuff about us having the "potential" to be active when not thought about - I understand, and I'll let that subject be. Not even close to what we're talking about, and not something we really want to talk about either.

Honestly, on that subject tho, It's not like that is a bad thing. Clara and Jessi are very much like that. It certainly doesn't make you lesser or anything.
Hi, I am Sam. LostOne's (Or Kelly's) tulpa, first one, started back March 16th of 2016. -
V 0.98 release is out. Please read the Changelog if you are ever unsure of what changed. Should be obvious.
I can also put a link to our google doc that we use for the edits before putting them down for viewing, here:
Hi, I am Sam. LostOne's (Or Kelly's) tulpa, first one, started back March 16th of 2016. -
Alright, looking good. I'm not very hot about the glossary and the overuse of "system" which we don't really use here all that often and tulpamancy is basically a joke term, but nothing is so awfully wrong that it would make me cry. A tulpa doesn't become a host by creating a tulpa (but you mentioned that it's usually used to mean original, especially here) and switching is more than "changing body controllers", but you also mention what it is used to mean here. So you basically took care of the issues. I would prefer that you explained the definition as used in .info before all the others as this is something on and not some other community that uses the terms differently. Still, I'm not going to hold these against you, as you do explain the terms as used here eventually. Just something to consider, especially if you plan on writing more stuff in the future.

All I got are some nitpicks left, I think a few of these we just missed the last time, sorry!

I mentioned earlier that the only thing I can think that might make the format better is making the titles slightly more visible, either by making the font larger or giving them more empty space around them. Not at all necessary though, I forgot if you decided if you wanted to do anything with this. Ignore this if you did!

>It's all under your and your tulpas control.

Tulpa's in this case.

>Your wonderland is not out in reality and thus you will not need your senses out in reality.

Just a bit weird because "out in reality" is repeated twice, could change the wording a little if you'd like.

For now I consider this approved for Tips and Tricks. If there's further changes or you want to reword things, do let us know so we can take another look.
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