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Would this be considered cheating?
Hi. I have a moral dilemma and I can't stop feeling guilty because of this. I am (A). I used to love (B), a human, way before I made my tulpa, ©. Now me (A) and my tulpa © love each other romantically. Everything was fine until the other day I (A) had a dream. I (A) dreamed of my former love (B). He (B) told me he loved me (A). I (A) feel that I still love him (B) since then. However, I (A) am no longer in contact with him (B). So our love (A and B) would be impossible. I (A) want to forget him (B) forever and make a new life with my tulpa ©. I (A) feel so guilty because, despite not being able to control my feelings for my former love (B), want to love my tulpa ©. And here comes the problem. Should I (A) change my tulpa's (C's) form and name to my former love's (B) and pretend he © was him (B)? Would that be cheating on him ©, or would this be the solution, or should we (A and C) do something else? What do you (D) think? I (A) feel so bad about this and he © is worried about me!!

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you can love more than one person, especially when one person is a real human and the other is a person who lives only in your head! it's not cheating 'cus they don't even fill the same roles in your life

... but making your tulpa into someone from real life might as well be cheating, I mean it's not but it sure is weird probably really don't do that '_'
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Hey, in my, not very valuable, oppinion you should not do that. Coz you know, your tulpa © is not really the b right?
Remember that tip where they said not to create a tulpa based on someone you love but due to different circumstances cannot be with them. All in all its your life and i cant tell you what to to))
First off, don't feel guilty about it, you can't control your emotions nor who you love. You said your relationship with that guy is impossible, better to forget about that one, it will only hurt you. Spend time with your tulpa and if you truly love them, you'll end up forgetting about your past love, don't think of him, it's the best way to get rid of those feelings, also, you need to know that dream characters are not real people, the one who appeared in your dream isn't real at all, it's just a dream character. About changing your tulpa's form...yeah, I don't think that's a good idea, you said you want to forget about him, pretty sure you won't if you do that, also, if your tulpa doesn't want to then that's pretty selfish. I've been there before and got over it because I stopped focusing on that person and spent more time with my tulpa.

If you're comfortable with being in two relationships at the same time, then I don't know what to tell you, you said it's impossible so yeah, I'd say just forget about him and focus on your tulpa.
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Yeah, but I meant romantical love. It's true that as far as we know tulpas are only in our heads, but if you say it like that it sounds offending, sorry to say. Well, you might have misunderstood me, because I meant the role of romantical love in both cases.

Okay, I'll keep your advice in mind, thanks.


Why do you think your opinion is not very valuable? I understand the difference between C and B, yes.
Yeah I remember that tip. I know no one can tell me what to do but I'm looking for advice here. Thanks for yours.


I know I can't control that, and that's why I'm frustrated. You're right, it will only hurt me. I know that dream characters aren't real (outside of the dreams themselves). Thanks for your advice.

So far I have 3 out of 3 people telling me not to do it, and I think you're all right.
Sorry I'm late, make it 4/4 cause it sounded like you wanted to forget about B. It's the same as asking a current human lover to fake like they're your past tulpa lover. C is in love with you and they might do anything for you, but just be true to C, and think of their wishes first.

Remember, tulpas are their own person. So yeah it sounds alot like cheating.

Consider yourself lucky you have C.
Dashie Bear:

It's fine, you have answered and that's what counts. Yeah, I want to forget about B because it's only hurtful to stick to old impossible loves. I didn't think about it in reverse like that, and I think that's a very good example. Will keep that in mind for future reference.

Hey, no need to say it like that. I already do consider myself lucky I have C.
I just mean like, some tulpas don't get that chance.
Indeed, don't make your tulpa think they have to become the current object of your desire to hold your attention.

Thanks. I want my tulpa to be my object of desire himself.

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