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Writing piece I did of Shade
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and Shade

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Writing piece I did of Shade

This is mostly here for reference, and to give you guys a better understanding of what she looks like in her human form.
I'm a pretty shitty writer, but you can't improve on a skill unless you practice it. This is an excerpt from project we were working on.
Also, writing counts as 'art', write?
I'll let myself out.

    As soon as she appeared around the corner, she stole my breath. Her pitch black hair fell to her chest and contained streaks of vibrant flavors of deep purple. Elegant, platinum ram horns sprouted from the sides of her head, parting her hair slightly. Her skin seemed purposely pale, lightly tinted blue as if almost providing an air of nobility.

    She had a soft face, her eyeliner showing thick even though her eyes were closed. Her  nose was thin, and she had accented cheekbones that displayed themselves with confidence. Her lips were thin but lively, and she had a stitched mouth drawn out of makeup from the corners of her lips to her ears. She curved her mouth into an eager smile, and let her eyes open.

    Her pupiless irises glowed an intense violet, and behind them was the girl I've spent my whole life with thus far;  the one whom I shared every memory with. It was only now that she'd formed an actual "human" form.

    "Like it?" She spoke without opening her mouth, that familiar voice somehow manifesting itself clearly inside of my head; not unlike how we used to communicate.

    I grinned, and shook my head yes. She had a slender build, almost to the point of fragility--yet she seemed perfectly healthy. Bat wings seemingly formed out of shadows extended from her back, stretching out into a wide span. She wore a dark blue clubbing vest, with the collar mockingly popped up. Under that, she wore a fishnet shirt that went to her elbows. An army of skulls flowed down the outside of her forearms, held motionless in a tattoo.

    Her jeans were a solid black, with numerous slits and tears revealing more skulls stalking and creeping down her slim legs. She looked to be practically the spitting image of what she aspired to be, and I was proud of her.

    Our hands locked, and she pulled me into a hug. It was oddly strange to actually feel her, as before this moment we'd never actually physically touched. The scent of flower perfume filled the air around me, it suited her.

    She shook slightly, and her pulse thrashed against my chest. She was as anxious and excited as I was. I pulled back and gave a smile. Tears filled her supernatural eyes, though none seeped out. She opened her mouth, speaking in a quiet tone:

    "It's so nice to actually be here..."

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