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Can your tulpa shapeshift or change its appearance at will?

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Can your tulpa shape shift or change its appearance at will?  

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  1. 1. Can your tulpa shape shift or change its appearance at will?

    • My tulpa can shape shift, changing physical features of its base form at will.
    • My tulpa can change clothing and accessories at will.
    • My tulpa can shapeshift and change physical features or clothing and accessories at will.
    • My tulpa's form never changes at all.
    • Melian you are adorable, amazing and I love you!

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Red seems to alter his form when he wants to, i can't really say when he is going to but when he does, he's like a zero, one moment a meowstic the next either a eevee or a squirrel or whatever else, he has also merged with ari so he has rubber like abilities.. and he LOVES it.









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Melian you are so kawaii ::::3

~Vriska Aranea Serket Targaryen. ♦️


I know! I can't help myself!

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Both Noriko and Sabari can change clothing and accessories at will. Sabari seems more inclined to change her actual physical appearance, but she still keeps the same basic form. Mostly out of laziness.

Currently share myself with four other entities.

Noriko was created on December 15, 2014.  Sabari was created by Noriko on January 22, 2015.

Anzu was reborn on May 23, 2016.  Xiri returned on June 16, 2018.  Both had been inactive since 2012.

Progress Report | Ask a Question Thread

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Guest Anonymous

Rina told me she can shapeshift into whatever she wants; that makes sense...

... since the fictional Esterina can do that as well.


And yeah, the Witches and Witchers in my stories can go into a sort of "powered-up mode" where they sprout huge wings.

So tupper-Esterina too can do that; the wings she grows are pretty large, and gold-feathered with a few blue feathers.


I've never seen her actually DO that so far, though.

I wanna see it... °-°


I can show you if you want me to, yeah.


Yay. °-°


Growing my wings feels more natural to me than transforming my body into an entirely different shape, by the way. I never do the latter.


Makes sense; the wings of a Witch(er) are technically a natural part of the body, it just isn't always actually there.

So the same applies to tupper-Rina... meaning I guess you could also just say "Rina has wings" instead of "Rina can grow wings". But y'know what I mean.

So, yeah, that makes sense, of course.




AG & Rina

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Eve can change form and clothing. She switched around her eyes back and forth from red, to blue, back to red. I forget what she originally looked like at this point. She changes her body type a moderate ammount, that will probably change when I visualize more though. She changes clothes a lot. She has a main default though, yoga pants and a black t-shirt with the empty Zen circle on it in white. She wears pjs when we sleep. Sometimes does it for humour. I guess she likes to change it up based in context and her whim.

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Eury: Yep! We can! Some of us do it aaall the time with our clothes, 'cause it's fun. But we like staying our usual selves when it comes to everything else most of the time since we've gotten kinda used to it. It's a part of who we are in a sense. Like, it would be kind of weird if Troy decided he didn't want wings, or if Stethy got a haircut or something.


But we could! And Demi's a rabbit sometimes.

A queer soulbonding system with tulpamantic influences.

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Guest Anonymous

Well duh, It's a tulpa. Nothing besides my own proficiency in visualisation limits that. But most of the time Twi uses of of the 3 forms: a quadruped (yes, THAT kind of quadruped), a floating six-pointed star thingy (think of how bytes were depicted in a game called TRON) and a mecha.


But the most usual form for her is... A lack of form, because my visualisation and imposition skills suck.

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