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Tulpae personality similarities with host?

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So the thing is my tulpae have my personality but splitted like Mizore has my ''good'' characteristics like being more emotional and such but Yui is again like me but has the ''bad'' one suck as bad thoughts like murder and similar violent actions but still she is good and understanding.So my question is are the personalities part of them because i didn't do the personality forcing part?And also will they deviate more now that they are vocal?Thanks in advance ^_^

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Tulpas develop their own personalities over time. I didn't assign any traits to my own tulpa, and the way we are we're very similar in some ways but the complete polar opposites in others (I'm not emotional at all, she is, I'm not sensitive at all, she is, I don't have an inner sense for cute stuff, she has, etc...)


They'll eventually deviate with time because they'll be subject to more experiences with time. No worries about that.

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