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Mistgod-Melian Art in Progress Thread

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Guest Anonymous

Melian and I just had a great idea. There have been some complaints that tulpas don't write about themselves enough on this forum. I so agree! So, in that spirit, Melian and I have decided to share our latest art project as we create it step by step. This, like all of our art, is a collaborative effort between Melian and I.


This is a digital painting that began as a flash image Melian sent me a few mornings ago. She is trying to paint an image of her tropical island within her dreamscape. She goes there when she needs some rest or a vacation. It is a private island, where she can sit out under the bright stars and listen to the waves crashing into the shore.


On the island is a small hut, in which she temporarily places her Magictron3000 Dreamscape Matrix computer system. Outside the hut she sleeps on the beach under the stars in her king sized, four poster bed with her teddy bears.


Anyway, we started with a simple sketch, which we scanned into the computer. Then Melian began painting. I "channel" Melian in doing these paintings in the same way she does her proxy tulpa typing. I feel her intent and her emotions and just go with what I feel she wants to do. I continually get flash images and emotions from her that guide me on the project.


What we will do is post in this OP steps along the way to the completed painting. We are eventually going to add in the hut and add a lot more color and stars to the sky and shadows and little details.


We hope you all enjoy a semi-autonomous thoughtform art muse as she works.


I will put a message in the thread when I do the next step! This is going to be so fun!



Initial Sketch from 9/29/15



Initial base colors 9/30/15

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