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Mental Illness and Tulpamancy-Survey Included; Please Take!

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I would be grateful if you would take this survey on the correlation between mental illness and Tulpamancy (if there is any at all.)

Non-mentally ill people should take this survey as well.

I will be creating charts with this information for the purpose of sharing with the community, and also to answer the common question of "are these two things related?"

Your personal data stays anonymous.

I used Google Forms. Here is the link to the survey:


(If the link doesn't work, please let me know, and I will try to fix it.)

If you have any suggestions on how this survey can be improved, they would be appreciated.

Questions are welcome.

If you'd like to post your general views on this topic below, that would be wonderful too.

White text- Ash (the host!)

Red text- Quartz!

Purple text- Gamzee!

Blue text- Obsidian!


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Should be noted that you are supposed to take the survey even if you have no mental illness. If everyone who sees this and has none thinks "Oh, might as well not take it" then it's gonna seem like there's a pretty high correlation where there's not. I mean, there is, people with anxiety and other social issues are more likely to make tulpas, but not that much more so.

Hi! I'm Lumi, host of Reisen, Tewi, Flandre and Lucilyn.

Everyone deserves to love and be loved. It's human nature.

My tulpas and I have a Q&A thread, which was the first (and largest) of its kind. Feel free to ask us stuff.

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Should also be noted that self-diagnosed mental illnesses don't work outside of tumblr (sadly yes, this has to be noted)


oh wait you're accepting self-diagnosed answers?

have fun with that

Scarlet - anime, 8/15/2012

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Guest Anonymous

From my experience a self-diagnosis can be very far off. While an individual might be suffering from a certain disorder, the symptoms of a lot of disorders in your list are shared in-between if that makes any sense, meaning that it's not really about people not having a disorder (which is what Brother Bin might have been implying because y'know tumblr peeps), but it's also covering the large spread of all the symptoms that go around. A self-diagnosis can be completely inaccurate due to that. Not only does it mean that a person can be totally fine, but one disorder could be a completely different one. As for me, I was never diagnosed with anything and was able to function as a human being just fine, so I didn't feel a lot of comfort filling your test because all the answers would have came out as 'no, no, no'.

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Actually yeah exactly what Anderson said. I know from personal experience. I thought (thought; not self-diagnosed) that I had a certain mood disorder. When I actually went to see a professional, he told me I had something else. There is a reason professionals exists; tumblr users are far from professional.


Mental disorders are not a cute label, they are a categorization of specific, confirmed disorders.


So yeah, you're gonna get a lot of false information, OP.

Scarlet - anime, 8/15/2012

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Actually, if you take the survey and answer no to the first question (which asks if you are mentally ill,) it takes you to the end of the survey.


And anyway, I'll change that. No worries.

White text- Ash (the host!)

Red text- Quartz!

Purple text- Gamzee!

Blue text- Obsidian!


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Guest fordaplot

Hey man, just FYI, Professor Samuel Veissiere already identified the relationships that you're looking for between tulpamancy and mental illness. He showed a correlation between tulpamancy and improvements in mental health, in addition to a higher likelihood of tulpamancers having mental illness than the general population. It's a fascinating read that should answer a lot of your questions about the tulpa community: http://somatosphere.net/2015/04/varieties-of-tulpa-experiences-sentient-imaginary-friends-embodied-joint-attention-and-hypnotic-sociality-in-a-wired-world.html

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