Time with my Tulpa

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I realised I haven't done a progress report in a while so I think I'd best start getting into the habit.

Okay, nothing much has changed with Corra. She isn't vocal yet, unfortunately, but she has been changing her appearance to suit her situation, normally just her blue suit but if it's raining or cold she wears a coat and when we're in the shower... well, nothing. Don't judge, I've been snowed under with school work so I don't get many opportunities to see her. One problem we have is that she doesn't wear informal clothes on weekends and such. We've tried t-shirts, hoodies but they're either too tight or too baggy. However, I have found something she is comfortable in which I'm trying out next week (half term so no distractions). The outfit is a cream vest type shirt and blue tight jeans with flat trainers, not the sporty kind like Nike, more like Vans. Accessories with it include earrings and a handbag.


I narrate to Corra a lot, vocally where possible. The conversation is usually unfocused but I sometimes rant to Corra about life/ school/ problems etc just to involve her in my life on a more personal level. I always try to ask open ended questions like "Hey Corra, how are you?" To invite her to talk. One thing someone advised in another thread is to give your Tulpa objects like a microphone to talk to you through or to listen to you. I figured I'd try this next week also, I'm giving Corra a phone, basically a mirror image of my 4S just with different colours so that she can "call me" in a way.


Okay, so that's my progress report. If there's anything you think I'm doing wrong please say and why. If you have any tips they are greatly appeeciated. Thank you!

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You seem to be doing a good job so far, Spiritualgeek. Good luck with Corra.

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