Tulpa wants to make NPC servitor sentient

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I frequently populate my wonderlands with semi-independent NPCs to add spice and flavor to the setting as a whole. Recently, Akemi has grown rather attached to one of them, and wants to develop her into a full system-member.


Is this advisable? I'm not sure what's going to come out of an NPC designed by me and forced by a tulpa. I have no issues with making her a full system member personally, and neither have the other members of my system.

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Well, I can't say I have any experience in the subject, but I don't see why not. I feel that the worst that could happen is it just doesn't really develop beyond an NPC, or stays sort of half NPC and half system member. I feel like if I were an NPC which was then given sentience and intelligence, it'd be like waking up from a weird trance. That thought evokes strange feelings in me, so I honestly think I'd advise against it for the NPC's sake. But hey, I could be wrong, and it might just be me.


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[Tri] It is certainly doable. First step is disclosure, where you tell them that they are in a system and bring them into the loop. Now, is it advisable, that is harder to say. We were originally like NPC's and we did disclose to Gaea's parents inside, though they are not interested in participating in the system much other than they are glad when any of us come over. So we wouldn't be here if it wasn't for it. But, it is important that if you do do it, you be there for them. They will have a lot of self-exploration to do, and maybe some troubles, and could need someone there. If you can't do that, then it is not advisable to make them into system members. If you can, you still need to think it out.

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Guest Anonymous

I am not too educated on the topic of wonderlands, 'NPCs' (who, to me, seem to be mere projections of a concept in your mind). If that counts for anything, in my mind, my tulpa has created a mindscape where there's a 'NPC' her, as in, an Ikazuchi that does absolutely nothing but stupid stuff when I come to think of it. She made this NPC for certain developmental purposes. But that's not our topic.

I think that, well, bringing an NPC to 'sentience' (and I use this term loosely) is 100% like making a tulpa from scratch. You have a concept in your mind, the concept of a certain individual, or any entity, the one that your tulpa seems to be attached to. One thing we need to understand and clarify firsthand is that the tulpa won't be Akemi's beloved 'NPC'. I'm not saying this in the purpose of dissuading you to integrate the tulpa into a systemmate, that is not my intention, but thinking of it rationally, one way, this NPC would come to realize that it had been living a sort of 'lie' (because all NPCs aren't actually sentient, or rather, let us say that they possess no autonomy in the first place; They act according to your mind, your imagination, let's say. NPCs that cannot have their own thoughts, I suppose.). An NPC that would feel the simple weight of sentience (and concepts that go from, well, non-existence to possessing sentience) would have the same experience as a 'newborn' tulpa.


I made NPCs in empty mindscapes, too. I made a NPC of Heinrich Lunge, I made a NPC of my Medic in TF2, I made a NPC of House M.D, I made a NPC of myself. I made a NPC of Trevor from GTA V, I made a NPC from Dr.Manhattan. They're not much compared to what a tulpa truly is. If anything, after we were done using them, all of them transformed into this form of energy Ikazuchi proceeded to 'devour' in some sense. I can still make NPCs fairly easily, they are far from sentience much less autonomy.


In shorter terms, while it is possible, it really is like creating another tulpa, because well, you have the background and whatnot. I suppose that the creation process would come out as easier because of many factors. I also think that there may be higher chances of self-doubt due to the background.


I would like to say that I have talked with a certain tulpa, with sentience and whatnot, who was originally a NPC. This tulpa used to live as an NPC in a large city, with many folks and whatnot. All NPCs. The host is a writer, so imagining people like that helped him, I suppose? Well, one day, this character came to life. And do you know what her reaction was? She was crushed by reality. The reality that her friends were fake compared to her, that her life had been fake. She had memories of her previous life, and every single day was depressing for her, it took a lot of motivation, weeks of effort (and 5 minutes from the part of my Ikazuchi) to make her understand that it was merely the past.


Make what you want out of what I said, but I think that NPCs are better off remaining NPCs. You might end up with too many tulpas. Oh, and you can technically say that NPCs have pseudo-sentience, my NPCs were of good aid in some fields, I wouldn't compare them to my tulpa. Many people seem to confuse pseudo-sentience with sentience, but I will leave it at that. Good luck.


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Yeah, having too many tulpas can be a concern. I've set my cap at 7 - no more than 7 tulpas barring truly exceptional circumstances. I've spoken to Akemi about it and the rest of my system-mates and she still wants to go through. Stephanie thinks that it might be good for her mental health and existential crisis issues after finding out she's been a thoughtform and that basically her whole life was a lie.


Thanks a lot for the advice Anderson, I'll keep it in mind. Personally I think Akemi might have an ulterior motive as well - she wants to prove to herself that she's "real" enough to create a tulpas of her own, even if I'll never get her to admit it.

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