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Question about possession


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It's possible but they can't move the object unless you know telekinesis...


Well my tulpa IS a pillow and one time she said "we can never be alone", so does that mean my tulpa can leave her physcal pillw body anytime she wants?

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Can certain tulpas possess inanimate objects like pillows?


Are you serious? No, we can't.

Nope. Also, "Certain tulpas?" The heck is that supposed mean?

No. Just no.

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Possession when dealing with tulpas refers to them controlling parts of your body, not actual possession. I forgot that could even be mistaken like that.


Tulpas can be symbolically attached to physical objects, in which case you're probably practicing some sort of imposition. That comes with risks though, as anything with a physical existence can be lost or damaged. It's safer to consider the object symbolic of your tulpa rather than to fully believe they inhabit it for that reason.

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What Luminesce said. Tulpas are neither ghosts, demons, or something else in that direction. Possession refers here only to the control about your body, not your surroundings or people around you, or something like that.

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This might just be a troll question, but either way the answer is still "No."


The only physical thing a tulpa can possess is you.

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As mentioned above, the possession only has to do with your own body. Therefore, the answer is no.

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